Elbit will provide the British Army with autonomous skimmer bands

Company Elbit Systems Will provide the British Ministry of Defense with autonomous skimmer bands based on the control system – ZID. These systems have so far been sold only to the IDF. Under the deal recently signed, Elbit UK will provide the British Army with five autonomous bands each consisting of six skimmers, and managed through a battle and mission management system (TORCH-X) that includes artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The skimmer bands will be absorbed into the UK as part of the British Army’s Robotics and Autonomy Project and will be used to carry out tactical intelligence missions while allowing the Tactical Command echelon to maintain a continuous terrain grip of up to eight hours.

Information (image and video) produced during the activity of an autonomous skimmer band is transmitted in real time between skimmers in the same band and is transmitted online to a ground control station, while marking any environmental change.

Elbit’s operating and control software is the brain of the bands’ autonomy and the interface to the military command and control systems. It is a software system built in open architecture, which allows a combination of skimmers of different types, from different manufacturers, allows an interface for different types of sensors as well as connectivity to command and control systems used by NATO countries’ armies.

This software environment (E-CIX) allows you to develop new applications independently, independent of Elbit or any other software vendor – thus allowing increased flexibility and the ability to develop local solutions in a short time.

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