EU Commission puts an end to green and eco

The EU Commission wants to put an end to greenwashing. To this end, it recently presented an extensive package of measures.

“Black list” is expanded

Many things are sold as sustainable today when they are not. This should be the end of it in the future. As the EU Commission recently announced, it now intends to take stronger action against greenwashing. To this end, the “black list” of unfair business practices is to be expanded by a few points. Vague statements such as “green” or “eco”, which falsely give the impression that a product is sustainable, would automatically be anti-competitive.

Manufacturers should provide more information about products

However, the Commission not only wants to ban certain product attributions, but also “planned obsolescence” – i.e. the intentional aging of goods. If, for example, the durability of a device is limited, for example because the software restricts its functionality from a certain point in time, manufacturers should be obliged to provide information. Consumers must have a right to information in order to make sustainable decisions, said the responsible EU Commissioner when presenting the package of measures.

However, none of this has been cast in concrete yet. The EU states and the European Parliament still have to consult before they agree on a common line.


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