Dots Nano has signed a significant deal;  The stock jumped in Australia

Dots Nano shares jumped 9% in Australian trading today after the company reported a new contract that would yield it revenue of at least US $ 5 million in the first year.

Dots Nano develops, manufactures and markets nano-material, GQD, which is used for identification Forgeries. When the material is exposed to UV light it reflects energy in a changing color and thus can be used as a unique signature indicating that a particular product is not counterfeit.

Dots Nano today announced a contract with Theracell Labs, a subsidiary of the biotech company Orgenesis, which is traded on the Nasdaq worth $ 80 million. $ 5 million purchase commitment in the first year.At the same time the companies will cooperate in developing technological solutions to produce an identification standard for human cells.In the future subject to the success of the cooperation, the development may expand and in that case the company will receive 5% net product revenue.

Dots Nano is currently trading at 36.5 cents, compared to 20 cents when it was merged into an Australian stock exchange skeleton and became a public company in 2016. Its market value is 147 million Australian dollars, which is about 353 million shekels.

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