Cow owners in Serbia have started to sell off livestock because food has risen in price by 50.60 percent and the price of milk has been the same for several years, a liter costs around 37 dinars, although the average production price is around 56 dinars.

The president of the Association of Cattle Breeders in Serbia, Sanja Bugarski, told Beta that the mass sale of dairy cows started a few months ago, when the prices of animal feed “went wild”, and the price of milk remained the same, on average around 30 dinars with a state premium of another seven dinars. –

“We also talked about that problem with the Prime Minister of (Serbia) Ana Brnabic, and the state should approve an extraordinary package of assistance to dairies until a more permanent solution is found so that they do not operate on the edge of existence,” said Bugarski.

According to her, the only solution would be for the state to prescribe the minimum purchase price of milk, but in that case it would have to limit the retail price of milk as it used to be for “people’s” bread.

If, as she said, dairies agreed to raise the purchase price of milk and pay at least as much as the production price, around 56 dinars per liter, and if other processing and transport costs were added to that, a liter would become significantly more expensive in retail, which would and that price should have been limited.

An additional problem is that in large foreign retail chains in Serbia, a liter of imported milk can be bought for 56 dinars because some German companies have fully automated production and reduced costs so that they can offer it at such low prices. what quality it is.

Bugarski also said that if the state wanted to help more strongly by increasing premiums that have not been changed for six years and amount to seven dinars, the law that regulates that and stipulates that the highest premium can be seven dinars, which requires a time of several months.

She estimated that milk producers will continue to sell cows and that severe consequences would be felt if, due to some extraordinary circumstances, milk imports were stopped.

Farmer Slobodan Ilić from Majur near Šabac said that he drives two cows to the cattle market every Friday until he sells out a farm of 60 cows.

“I am selling them on a daily basis, from 700 to 1,200 euros, because I need to produce five liters of milk for one liter of oil,” said Ilic.

He added that the plan was for his son, who is about to graduate from the Faculty of Agriculture, to continue maintaining the farm, but now he says he will “drive him out of the village and shut down the farm”.

“I will sell all the cows, except for one that I will leave for myself, and let the government buy milk in Lidl,” said Ilic.

The owner of a cow farm from Veliki Šiljegovec near Kruševac, Radovan Ignjatović, said that the price of milk was a “catastrophe of catastrophe”.

“Everything that has developed in dairy cattle breeding will be destroyed this year because animal feed is too expensive, and milk is too cheap, and we are in a growing deficit every day,” said Ignjatović.

He added that he has been producing milk for 20 years, but that “now there is no future and if nothing changes, he will shut down milk production.“

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