Five helipads will be created in Tel Aviv, including on the roofs of buildings

With the closure of Herzliya airport approaching, Netivei Israel is looking for suitable locations to create helicopter landing pads in Tel Aviv and its immediate surroundings. According to Yaakov Yoffe, Netivei Israel’s deputy general director for aviation affairs, the company plans to place about five such sites, including the rooftops of office buildings and industrial areas.

Yoffe noted that helipads must meet the following requirements: be no more than a 10-minute flight from Tel Aviv, be able to take off and land during the day or night, and be able to disembark and pick up passengers. Examples of such sites include active helipads on the roof of the Ichilov hospital and in the Ministry of Defense building in the Kiriya government complex in Tel Aviv.

As Channel 12 news service noted on Wednesday, May 15, in March the Netivei Israel company extended the tender for the selection of alternative helipad options. The company is reviewing applications from firms that will then design, build and operate the helipads for up to 25 years.

To create such a site, about 20 dunams of area are needed, on which landing spots for helicopters, places for their storage and maintenance, gas stations, a passenger terminal and much more will be located. As part of the project approval procedure, environmental impacts are studied.

After the closure of Sde Dov Airport in 2020, which was used as a civilian and military airport, most of the helicopters moved to the airport in Herzliya, but that too will be closed in 2025. Thus, a situation will arise where there is simply no airport left for helicopters in the center of the country from which they can take off and land during the day and at which they can “park” at night.

Now helicopter owners land at their own risk in fields and other places where air traffic is not regulated. Netivei Israel plans to place five helipads in the Tel Aviv area from north to south, and passengers will be able to disembark at any of these helipads and then continue their journey by public transport.

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