Triangle Tower: the hope of a revival among traders faces the bitterness of local residents

The Triangle tower, whose beginnings date back to 2008, continues to divide. Despite numerous petitions, legal appeals and an investigation by the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office leading to searches, this behemoth must against all odds be inaugurated during the year 2026, at the Paris Exhibition Center, Porte de Versailles. (15th century).

The one that some nicknamed “the hydra of Lerna” therefore inexorably continues its rise under the bitter eyes of the neighborhood’s residents. Seven floors have already been erected. When the work is completed, this glass pyramid will reach the dizzying height of 180 meters and will thus become the third tallest building in the capital, behind the Eiffel Tower and the Montparnasse Tower, with its 42 floors of hotels, spaces work and health.

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