The performance of Gulf stocks varied… and the Saudi index rose 0.35%

The performance of stocks in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries was mixed on Monday.

In the UAE, the Abu Dhabi market index rose 0.031% to 9093.17 points, and the Dubai market index rose 0.006% to 4173.28 points.

The main Saudi stock index, TASI, rose 0.35% to 12,259.60 points, with trades worth 7 billion riyals. The volume of shares traded amounted to 269 million shares.

In Kuwait, the general market index rose 0.33% to 7,203.22 points, through the trading of 283.60 million shares, worth 73.73 million dinars.

In Bahrain, the Bahrain General Index fell 0.01% to 2,023.02 points, through the trading of 1.23 million shares, worth 486,186 dinars.

The Qatar Stock Exchange index rose 0.26% to 9668 points. The market trading volume reached approximately 497 million riyals.

The Muscat Stock Exchange index fell 0.19% to 4,769.564 points, through the trading of 13.80 million shares, worth 2.55 million riyals.

Outside the Gulf region, the main market index on the Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX 30) rose 0.92% to 25,381.25 points.

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