In Milan tourism is recovering but still far from the pre.covid years

Milanese and Lombard tourism is growing in 2021 compared to the previous year, but has not yet reached the levels recorded before the covid. All the provinces, according to the estimate made by Polis and read by the AGI, are on this line. In Milan, for example, compared to 2020, tourist arrivals increased by 54.8% and average stays of 46.1%. On 2019, however, the minus sign is still evident: -62.6% of arrivals and -58.4% of presences, the worst figures among the Lombard provinces). To weigh on the capital is in particular the fact that in the Covid era many abandoned visits to the cities and moved to less frequented places, such as the mountains.

The Lombardy average, last year, stood at + 50.9% of arrivals and + 59.5% of presences over 2020; while compared to 2019 it is estimated respectively -49.2% and -37.4%. “Lombardy – says the regional councilor for tourism, Lara Magoni to the AGI – has all the credentials to become the land of great events, let’s think of the next international events such as Bergamo-Brescia capital of culture 2023 and the Milan Olympics- Cortina 2026. This is why we must be ready: the attractiveness of our territories must go hand in hand with a varied offer, efficient services, trained and competent staff, modern infrastructures. From lakes to mountains, from cities of art to culture and to the food and wine traditions, Lombardy is ready to welcome visitors and the numbers say that there is a recovery and will be even more marked in the coming months. Thanks to our excellence and to tourism for everyone, all year round “.

According to the Polis analysis in 2021, arrivals in the province of Mantua recorded the highest growth compared to 2020 (+ 75.5%), followed by the province of Como (+ 71.4%) and Bergamo (+ 68.3%). On the contrary, the minor growth in the number of tourist arrivals was observed in the provinces of Sondrio (+ 11.4%) and Monza (+ 28.1%). Compared to 2019, however, the minor losses are recorded by the provinces of Brescia (with Lake Garda) and Pavia: respectively -27.5% and -29.7%. Estimates on average attendance, on the other hand, speak of numbers more than doubled compared to 2020 for Como (+ 144.5%) and Cremona (+ 113.6%), while Sondrio is down by 7%. If you look at 2019, however, the only positive province is Cremona (+ 6.2%), while Varese (-45.4%) and Sondrio (-44.2%) are in trouble. (AGI)

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