CMG: China is helping foreign.funded companies continue to operate

China will take measures to help foreign-funded companies resume work and production, the Ministry of Trade said, according to the Chinese Media Group (CMG).

“The outbreak of the corona virus pandemic has affected the production and business of domestic and foreign companies. The Chinese government attaches great importance to the work of foreign-funded companies in our country in the midst of the pandemic and has formed special working groups for key foreign-funded projects,” said a ministry spokesman. Shu Jueting, CMG reported.

Shu stated that the Ministry of Trade, together with relevant departments and local self-governments, will help companies, especially foreign financed companies, in the areas most affected by the pandemic, in order to solve specific problems in production renewal, personnel policy, logistics and transport.

“In response to the new situation and the problems reported by companies financed from abroad, the Ministry will help coordinate and resolve them in a timely manner, in order to ensure stable and orderly business,” Shu said.

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