` – By law to oblige all citizens to get the vaccine, and not just some categories of workers to get out of the pandemic as soon as possible and get the country back to running, “to find itself on the path of development and a restart of employment”. This is the request made by the undersecretary of the Cisl Luigi Sbarra, today on the sidelines of the Rimini Metting which provoked the immediate reactions of two other speakers at the event, the undersecretary of health Andrea Costa and the minister of Labor Andrea Orlando: one decidedly opposed and the other more possible.

“The CISL – said Sbarra – asks the Government and Parliament to afully assume their responsibilities approving a law that introduces the vaccination obligation for all citizens. The CISL will support this approach ”. For Sbarra “this is the real issue: it must prevail the general interest

For Costa, the legal obligation is the “last hypothesis”

The request of the Cisl does not find the support of the Undersecretary of Health, Andrea Costa– Launch a law for the obligation of vaccination for all “I think it is the last hypothesis to be taken into consideration – he replied — People to date have shown a great sense of responsibility. We have exceeded 36 million vaccinations, we are the second in Europe. We must continue to convey a message of trust “.

For now, the issue of compulsory vaccination has been addressed, as Costa recalls, “for individual categories, health personnel and specific sectors”. “We have set ourselves the goal of achieving 80 percent of vaccinated by the end of September – remember — We are now at 67 percent. It seems to me that things are going well “.

“We are facing numbers that give us hope and trust in the sense of responsibility of the Italians. Then – he adds – if we do not reach the goal, the government is ready to reconsider the situation”.

For Orlando, all the solutions against the pandemic must be explored

For his part, Minister Orlando says he is “personally” “convinced that all the tools capable of countering the pandemic, in compliance with the Constitution, after consulting the scientific authorities, go paths“. “This is my opinion – he specifies ., as we know there are articulated and differentiated ones, both in the government and in Parliament”. So you are in favor? “I am in favor of exploring all the solutions that will allow Italians to be made safe as much as possible,” he concludes.

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