Another strong increase in construction costs

Construction costs continued to rise significantly in March. Compared to the same month last year, the construction cost index for residential and settlement construction increased by 15.2 percent, as Statistics Austria announced on Friday. Compared to February 2022, the index rose by 4.6 percent. The biggest cost drivers in residential and residential construction were the prices for wood, polystyrene and foam boards.

Plus 20.3 percent in bridge construction

In the civil engineering divisions, the price increases for bituminous mixtures as well as diesel and fuels had an impact. The sharp rise in prices for steel products was also felt in bridge construction. Bridge construction costs rose by 20.3 percent compared to the same month last year. The price increase for road construction was 21.6 percent and for sanitary engineering 15.5 percent. Compared to the previous month of February 2022, road construction was 9.2 percent more expensive, the costs for bridge construction rose by 7.4 percent and sanitary engineering was also 5.1 percent more expensive.

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