Entrepreneurial gallop: Nearly a quarter of companies plan to raise prices when war raises costs – Economy

Suomen Yrittäjät estimates that the war will affect Finnish companies even more.

Nearly A quarter of companies estimate that they will have to raise the prices of their products and services, according to a survey of Finnish Entrepreneurs. This is due to rising energy, raw material and transportation costs.

The rise in costs is due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Suomen Yrittäjät says that the war is affecting Finnish companies even more.

“Rising energy prices have the widest impact. Rising raw material prices and rising transport costs are also significant factors. Fortunately, many companies are able to pass on cost increases to their own prices, which secures their future and business continuity, ”CEO of Suomen Yrittäjät Mikael Pentikäinen says in a press release.

According to him, the situation of entrepreneurs has deteriorated on a broad front and the war is affecting companies of all sizes in Finland.

However, more than a fifth of entrepreneurs report that the crisis has no effect on the company’s operations. The share has decreased from the previous survey.

Opinion poll 70 percent of entrepreneurs support joining NATO. The share has risen since March, when it was 64 percent profitable. The older the entrepreneur and the bigger the company, the stronger the support. Most support comes from Northern and Eastern Finland.

“The best entrepreneurship policy is to ensure stability and freedom. That is why Entrepreneurs are in favor of NATO membership. The report on the NATO process is an important step forward. We strongly believe that NATO membership would strengthen Finland’s security, freedom and stability, ”says Pentikäinen.

The Entrepreneurial Gallup was conducted by the research institute Kantar. The interviews of the study were conducted from 1 to 11 May. April. 1,033 SME representatives responded to the survey. The confidence interval for the results is 3.1 percentage points in the direction of the overall result.

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