` – Covid contact quarantine is no longer considered an illness and the confederal unions are demanding an immediate response from the government.

The INPS has in fact clarified that thesickness benefit for Covid quarantine it will not be possible to disburse events relating to 2021, but only for the whole of 2020 within the limit of the resources allocated.

In fact, the social security institute underlined that “the legislator has not currently foreseen, for the year 2021, appropriate appropriations“and therefore” except for any regulatory interventions, it will not be able to recognize social security protection for events referring to the current year “.

In a letter – in the possession of the ` – signed by Cgil, Cisl, Uil (Rossana Dettori, Angelo Colombini, Ivana Veronese) and sent to the ministers Andrea Orlando and Daniele Franco which has as its object ‘Protection of workers in the private sector in quarantine’, the unions say they are strongly concerned and ask for “urgent regulatory intervention that will allow the Institute to ensure protection for workers”.

“We must together persuade the government and the parties of the majority to change the position, finding financial coverage that the finance minister does not want to divert to this urgent need ”: said Colombini, CISL confederal secretary, head of work safety.

The issue of quarantine cannot be passed on to workers “: said Ivana Veronese, Uil Confederal secretary. “We have not yet received a response from the government. It is an open issue and an important issue: further funding must be given, the workers cannot be discovered in this way and at this time”.

And he considers the intervention of the national secretary of the Italian Left to be positive Nicola Fratoianni. “We continue to receive reports from all over Italy of workers who, being in quarantine due to Covid, unlike what happened in 2020, will not receive social security protection, in short, they will not have any compensation. – he stated – The government has in fact seen fit not to refinance the planned fund for 2021, and quarantine is no longer considered disease “.

“The effects of profound social unease that this choice is causing are easily understood: a mess that the trade unions rightly define a real social bomb. When Parliament reopens, we will present a parliamentary question to the government, ”he added.

“Dear Ministers, – reads the letter – in reference to the INPS message n. 2842 of 6 August 2021, concerning the protection of quarantine, for” fragile “workers and for the disease declared by Covid-19 (article 26 of decree-law no. 18/2020, converted, with amendments, by law no. 27/2020) “.

“Further indications, we express deep concern for the affirmation that the Institute, with retroactive effect starting from 1 January 2021,”will not be able to proceed to recognize social security protection “, provided for by paragraph 1 of art. 26 of the law decree 18/2020 converted, with modifications, by law n. 27/2020, for all workers and employees of the private sector “.

“This failure to recognize the protections – they add – in addition to that for fragile workers referred to in paragraph 2 of the aforementioned article 26 – already submitted to the attention of the Minister of Labor and Social Policies, Andrea Orlando, and of the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, in the letter from us sent on July 28 us -, which will not be recognized as of July 1, 2021 “.

“Failure to equate periods spent in quarantine or fiduciary surveillance with illness also raises serious questions about how such periods of absence from work can be recognized for workers who suddenly find themselves deprived of the protections that were provided for by the law, and how it will be insured salary and social security coverage“.

“We are therefore asking you an urgent regulatory intervention which allows the Institute to ensure to male and female workers the protections provided for by article 26 of decree-law no. 18/2020, converted with amendments by law no. 27/2020, from 1 January 2021 and until the end of the health emergency “.

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