Lawyer Rodoljub Sabic, former commissioner for information of public importance, assessed today that extending the secrecy of the agreement on the concession of the Belgrade airport “Nikola Tesla” would mean that the Government of Serbia is acting “illegally, absurdly and unacceptably”.

Commenting on the news transmitted by some media, that the Government of Serbia “extended the secrecy” of the concession agreement, Sabic stated that it did not matter whether the news was formally confirmed, because it concerns a public good of very great value.

He added that the public was also denied information on whether the secrecy of the contract had ever been formally established, that citizens received the phrase “job of the century” instead of relevant information, and that initial statements by officials indicated that the Serbian government understood the right to information about the arrangement. unquestionably.

“The statements of the Prime Minister (Ana Brnabić) followed that the contract would be announced ‘by the end of September’, and then the Minister of Finance Siniša Mali (that it would be announced) ‘by the end of the year’. and the handover of the airport and the payment of the concession fee for another three years, and the contract has not been published, “Sabic stated in a written statement for the Beta agency.

He assessed that such actions would cause doubts in every country regarding the rationality and legality of business, and especially in “a country heavily burdened with violations of the principles of legality and corruption.“

“The painful and ugly situation is made worse by the fact that the Government and the Ministry, despite the decisions of the Information Commissioner and the Administrative Court, are hiding from the public even a document that inevitably had to precede the entire arrangement, a study on the justification of the concession.” the government chose the concession as a management model and whether there were any alternatives “, concluded Sabic.

In March 2018, the Government of Serbia signed a 25.year concession agreement with the French company Vinci Airports on financing, management and modernization of Belgrade Airport. Vinci has been managing the “Nikola Tesla” airport since December 22, 2018.

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