Official government data revealed that the illiterate in Kuwait are “immigrants” and work exclusively in the government, and they do not exist in the private sector.

Data from the “labor market” showed that the total number of illiterates in Kuwait by the end of 2021 amounted to 276 people, including male and female citizens, in addition to 274 residents, including 266 males and 8 females, all of whom work in the government sector. It is noteworthy that the number of illiterates in Kuwait decreased by about 31% within 5 years, as their number was 402 people, including two citizens at the end of December 2017, compared to 276 at the end of last year. The data said that the total number of people who read and write in Kuwait is 7,456, including 40 male and female citizens, and 7,416 male and female residents, including 4,758 male and female residents working in the government sector.

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