` – From Monday 23 August citizens will be able to request the TV scrapping bonus for the purchase of televisions compatible with the new digital terrestrial Dvbt-2 / Hevc Main: the Mise has allocated 250 million euros and is ready to apply for further funding.

20% discount up to 100 euros

The bonus, says the ministry, consists in a 20% discount on the purchase price of the new TV, up to a maximum of 100 euros, scrapping TV sets purchased before 22 December 2018 that are no longer suitable for the new technological standards of television broadcasting.

Unlike the previous incentive, which remains in force and is therefore cumulative, the TV scrapping bonus does not include ISEE limits. To request it, simply have an appliance to be scrapped and go to the authorized dealer or ecological island with the completed self-declaration form, available on the Mise website and on Nuoviatvdigitale.mise.gov.it.

Possible additional resources

All resellers can register on the platform already made available by the Revenue Agency for the previous bonus, which automatically allows them to be authorized to grant the bonus to citizens.

The Mise also states that “at the moment only an unverifiable estimate of the televisions to be replaced is possible in the entire path towards new television broadcasting technologies which will be completed in January 2023. Therefore, any forecast on the percentage coverage of the bonus, already published by some newspapers, is to be considered groundless “.

The ministry “is also ready to ask, where necessary on the basis of the use of the measure, for additional funding of the bonus in the next budget law. The resources currently available amount to approximately 220 million euros (approximately 30 million have already been disbursed with the previous incentive) “.

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