Today, the United Trade Unions of Serbia “Sloga” assessed the previous negotiations on the future minimum wage within the Social.Economic Council (SES) as “a tragicomic show for the broad masses”, adding that the proposed figure of 35,000 dinars “is not enough for life”.

“The minimum price of labor in Serbia is currently slightly more than 32,000 dinars, and the proposal of the Government of Serbia is to increase it to around 35,000 dinars next year, which is insufficient for life in relation to the amount of money and purchasing power,” the association said in a statement. union.

As they assessed, the participants of the SES have been expressing “their meaningless views on national frequencies for days, on which they do not decide”.

“Everything is decided by the increasingly authoritarian government led by Aleksandar Vučić, which sacrificed the entire economy of Serbia for the sake of rule and personal privileges, and thus the minimum price of labor,” the statement added.

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