The Industry and Labor Committee of the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry held its second meeting for the year 2022, to discuss a number of issues related to the industrial sector and labor affairs. The committee began its meeting by discussing the notes on the list of customs codes proposed by the Environment Public Authority for the products that the authority will restrict upon export, checking, checking and conforming, starting from 5/15/2022.

The committee reviewed the existing and considered that the authority will be subject to many products under its control, and among these products is the backbone of the export and re-export activity in Kuwait. Previously, which makes the restriction on it duplicating and repetitive when exporting unjustified.

The committee also discussed the issue of the movement of labor between economic activities and the need to review the decisions issued in this regard to create a balance between supply and demand for labor in the Kuwaiti market and to control the movement of labor movement and recruitment. Their recovery after the pandemic receded, with the difficulty of recruiting sufficient labor on government and private contracts and projects.

The committee concluded the need to review government decisions regarding the transfer and recruitment of workers to guarantee the rights of the employer and the worker in accordance with the contract concluded between them, and in a manner that helps mitigate the impact of the high prices witnessed by labor wages and raw materials.

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