The Employment Service will increase scholarships for participants in retraining courses from socially weak strata

The Public Employment Service Training Department, in conjunction with the Joint, will launch a new scholarship program in May 2022 for underprivileged individuals participating in retraining courses.

Until now, the maximum scholarship amount was NIS 1,500 per month for four months, which could only be received after graduation.

Under the new program, the stipend will be NIS 1,500-2,500 per month (and NIS 3,500 per month for single parents) for six months.

The program is designed for residents of communities or neighborhoods in the bottom four socioeconomic deciles, those registered with municipal social services, and women aged 50 and over.

The total budget of the program will be 25 million shekels, of which 3 million will be provided by Joint. This budget should be enough for approximately 1,700 people.

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