Members of the Social and Economic Council (SES), employers, trade unions and representatives of the Government of Serbia continue today the conversation about the increase of the minimum monthly salary for 2022.

At the first meeting last week, the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Serbia (SSSS) and UGS “Nezavisnost” proposed that the minimum monthly salary for next year be 39,000 dinars, which is expected to be the value of the minimum consumer basket.

The Union of Employers of Serbia proposed that the increase in that salary be around six percent, which is expected to be economic growth, and in addition, it asks the state to increase the non-taxable part of the base, and in time completely exempt the minimum wage tax.

This year, the minimum salary is 30,900 dinars, and the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, proposed a month ago and before the start of negotiations that the minimum be increased to 35,000 dinars.

At the first meeting, the representatives of the Ministry of Finance did not declare the amount of the minimum wage, but only listened to the arguments of the unions and employers and stated that the minimum wage must be “sustainable”.

The military union of Serbia, which gained representativeness in March this year, but does not participate in the negotiations, announced a few days ago that it was proposing that the minimum salary be 42,000 dinars.

If the social partners do not agree on the increase of the minimum wage, the final decision according to the Labor Law will be made by the Government of Serbia by September 15.

It is estimated that the minimum wage in Serbia is received by about 400,000 workers.

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