In the US they are ditching the obligation to wear the mask on flights

US Drama: A federal judge has overturned a decision by the US administration to extend the obligation to wear masks at US flights and airports until May 3. The judge ruled that this decision should be invalidated. However, it was decided to leave the masking on flights as a recommendation.

Now, airlines are immediately announcing one by one that wearing masks at flights and airports in the US will be an option at the discretion of passengers and employees, and will not be mandatory.

The decision took effect immediately with regard to flights within the United States, and with regard to international destinations – the change will be conditional on the mask country’s masking policy.

In recent weeks, U.S. airlines executives have been pushing for the abolition of the mask-wearing obligation on flights, an obligation that was valid until April 18. The companies also sought to lead to the abolition of the corona check requirement before entering the United States.

In recent days more and more countries are coming out announcing the easing of policies to deal with the corona virus in order to encourage aviation and tourism. For example, Cyprus announced the cancellation of a form before entering the country, leaving the obligation to perform corona tests only to unvaccinated passengers.

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