TV scrapping bonus, 5,651 requests on the first day

There are so far 5,651 the TV scrapping bonuses requested by citizens and recognized by exhibitors through the telematic platform of the revenue agency for the purchase of televisions compatible with the new digital terrestrial broadcasting standard. This was announced by the Ministry of Economic Development.

Requests relating to the bonus decoder instead they are 800.

From today, television retailers can access the platform made available by the Revenue Agency to receive the authorization to issue the bonus.

The facilitation, combinable with the previous bonus TV-decoder, explains the Agency in a note, consists of a 20% discount on the purchase price of the new TV, up to a maximum of 100 euros, by scrapping equipment purchased before 22 December 2018 that are no longer suitable for new technological standards for digital terrestrial television broadcasting.

How to get the green light to apply the discount

Once registered on the platform, explains the Agency, the retailer will have to enter the buyer’s tax code and some identification data of the new TV that will allow him to receive the green light to apply the 20% discount on the sale price.

After having carried out the appropriate checks and ascertained the availability of financial resources, in fact, the platform will issue a certificate of availability of the requested discount.

The seller will be able to recover the discount as a tax credit that can only be used as compensation starting from the second working day following receipt of the certification by the electronic service.

The tax code to use is “6927”, called “Bonus tv scrapping”, and the F24 form must be presented exclusively through the telematic services made available by the Revenue Agency.

What citizens have to do to claim the bonus

To claim the bonus just show up at the dealer or at an ecological island authorized by bringing with you the old TV and the appropriate substitute declaration form which can be downloaded from the Mise website.

In the first case, the seller will deal directly with the disposal of the appliance, while in the second case a certificate of delivery of the appliance will be issued, with the relative documentation, to be delivered to the seller.

Who is it for

The bonus can be accessed by citizens residing in Italy who are holders of an electricity contract on which the TV fee is charged or who pay the tax using the F24 model or who are exempt from paying the same as they are low-income subjects aged seventy-five or over. years.

The TV set to be replaced must have been purchased before 22 December 2018 and, for this reason, not suitable for receiving programs broadcast with new technologies.

The facility is granted once, from today until December 31, 2022.

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