STOCK EXCHANGE: The Helsinki Stock Exchange turned positive – Sampo, who was shopping, was the most traded stock of the day

On Monday, the general index of the Helsinki Stock Exchange ended near zero with a 0.1 percent increase to 9998.89 points.

The most traded stock of the day was the insurance group Sampo, whose share ended up down 1.2 percent to 38.81 euros. From the list of the twelve most traded stocks, about half were in the upward direction and half in the downward direction.

At the end of trading, a load handling company among others was on the rise Cargotec, whose share ended with an increase of about 3.0 percent to 77.90 euros. Also on the rise were, among other things Health house with 2.8 percent and an accounting firm Talenom with 2.6 percent.

On the other hand, the composite company, among others, was in the downward direction Exel Composites, whose share ended up down 5.5 percent to 0.29 euros. The bill also included a construction company SRV Companies with 4.2 percent and a mining company Afarak by about 3.0 percent.

Sampo with business deals

Insurance group Sampo and Top Denmark announced on Monday that they had signed the merger agreement, and Sampo will announce the recommended best and final public exchange offer to Topdanmark’s shareholders.

Topdanmark’s board of directors will unanimously recommend the acceptance of the proposed offer to all Topdanmark shareholders. After the offer is implemented, Sampo plans to merge Topdanmark If Damage Insurance Oyj:hin.

According to the terms of the offer, Topdanmark shareholders will receive 1.25 newly issued Sammon A shares for each Topdanmark share they own.

Based on the closing price of Sampo’s share of EUR 39.29 on June 14, the value per share of Topdanmark’s share according to the offer is DKK 366.38, whereby the valuation of Topdanmark’s entire outstanding share capital is DKK 33 billion, or approximately EUR 4.4 billion.

Among other things, a financial services company Kepler Chevreux estimates that the merger will strengthen the already consolidated Nordic non-life insurance market, which should strengthen the possibilities of price increases.

Investors received the acquisition news critically, and Sammo’s stock ended in a downward trend on Monday.

Purchase offer from Tallink, Lehto’s restructuring program proposal submitted to the district court

Estonia’s largest investment company inform intends to announce a voluntary purchase offer for all shipping companies Tallink Group of shares.

Infortar intends to offer the shares for EUR 0.55 per share. According to the press release published by Tallink, Infortar does not intend to take over all the company’s shares, but to strengthen its ownership and at the same time offer investors the opportunity to sell their shares. Infortar plans to keep the company listed on the stock exchange.

On Monday, Tallink Grupp’s share ended down 2.3 percent to 0.768 euros.

Chemical company Kemira director of development Esa-Matti Puputti sold a total of 15,000 Kemira shares. According to the release, the average price of all sales was EUR 23.18, based on which Puputti sold shares for approximately EUR 347,700.

At the end of trading, Kemira’s share was up 1.4 percent at 23.16 euros.

A software company Lemonsoft buys a software company specializing in industrial service and maintenance management Atmoticsin for about 2.2 million euros. The purchase price of Atmotics’ stock is approximately EUR 2.2 million, and the target’s net debt-free enterprise value is EUR 2.0 million.

Lemonsoft’s share ended with a 5.8 percent increase to 6.40 euros.

IT service company Networks announced the subsidiary Netum Oy, in which Netum received an integration solution and service contract for nine municipalities. According to the company’s press release, the value of the contract is approximately EUR 2 million during the commissioning project and EUR 1.2 million per year after that.

Netum’s share ended up 0.7 percent higher at 2.90 euros.

S&P Global Ratings moved My Savings Bank outlook from stable to negative, the company says in the press release. According to the release, the credit rating for short-term and long-term fundraising remains unchanged and is at BBB+/A-2.

Oma Sp’s share ended with an increase of about 1.0 percent to 15.94 euros.

Construction company The grove the restructuring program proposal has been submitted to the Oulu district court today, Monday, June 17. According to the company’s press release, in the view of the company and the liquidator, the restructuring program would lead to a better outcome for the company’s creditors than bankruptcy.

The aim of the program is, among other things, to enable the start of the Energy Construction business.

Composite company Exel Composites flagged OP Fund Companies the ownership of the managed investment funds in the company has risen above the five percent limit.

According to the release, due to the transactions made on Monday, June 17, the ownership is now 5.4 percent, while it was previously 4.23 percent.

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