A mixed trend on Wall Street;  Netflix cuts 35%, Tesla loses 4%

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Wall Street trading continues to be a mixed trend. NASDAQ is down 0.7% while Dow Jones is up 0.9% and S & P500 is down 0.3%.

Netflix continues to record a sharp drop of about 35%, and Meta, Fremont Global, PayPal, Walt Disney and Tesla are also losing ground. IBM, Cisco, Dutch chip giant ASML and Goldman Sachs, on the other hand, are climbing.

In the bond market yields on long-term bonds are losing ground. The bond yield for 10 years decreases by 8 points to 2.82% and on the other hand the bond yield for two years is stable around 2.57%.


Trading on European stock exchanges closed on a positive trend. The DAX jumped 1.5% and the CAC 1.4%, Britain’s Potsy rose 0.4% and the Euro Stokes 50 pan-European rose 1.7%.

Deutsche Bank rose in Frankfurt by 2.2% and the trucking company Daimler by 3.8%. In London the banks stood out favorably while Rolls-Royce lost 2% and Glencore shed over 3%.

On Wall Street, the mixed trend continues, with the Nasdaq down 0.7% but the S & P500 and Dow Jones up 0.3% and 0.9% respectively.

Netflix Continues to decline at a sharp rate of about 36% and also Walt disney Owner of HBO Warner Bros. Discovery And the maker of the streamers Rocco Join the declines, along with most of the technology giants in them Meta (Facebook) Which erases 7.2%. Tesla Loses over 3% ahead of the reports it will publish tonight. Among the Israeli shares, there are significant declinesnature , Lemonade , Faber , Solaredge , Sentinel One , Weeks andLivePerson .


In the US, crude oil inventory data was released last week, when a surprising drop of more than 8 million barrels was shown, with an increase of 2.5 million barrels, after an increase of 9.38 million barrels the previous week. Oil prices are currently trading at a slight increase of about -0.5%.

The Wall Street indices continue to trade in a mixed trend, with NASDAQ narrowing the decline to just 0.3% and the S & P500 moving up 0.5%. The Dow Jones index is already up 1%, with IBM climbing more than 6%. In Europe, gains are strengthening, with the Dax and Kak indices rising by 1.5% and the Euro Stokes 50 by 1.8%, with Potsey advancing by 0.3%.


Wall Street trading has moved to a mixed trend, with the decline of Netflix Deepening to more than 38%, which leads the Nasdaq to a decrease of about 0.8%. IBM.

IBM Met market forecasts when it reported adjusted earnings of $ 1.4 per share (compared to a forecast of $ 1.38 per share), and top-line reported revenue of $ 14.2 billion, with market analysts forecasting revenue of $ 13.85 billion.


As the same futures contracts, Wall Street trading opened slightly higher with the NASDAQ up 0.3%, the S & P500 up 0.5% and the Dow Jones up 0.8% up.

Netflix Crashes close to 30%. Last night, after the close of trading, it released its quarterly reports and while topping the bottom line forecasts with $ 3.53 earnings per share (expected to be $ 2.92), it missed the revenue line ($ 7.78 billion versus a $ 7.95 billion forecast) and reported this for the first time A decade on a decline in the number of subscribers. The company also estimates a significant decrease of 2 million subscribers in the current quarter. Even before today’s crash, the stock is more than 50% away from its peak.

In the bond market, there has been a decline in long-term bond yields, and the yield on 10-year bonds has fallen by 2 points to 2.89%. The two-year bond yield, on the other hand, climbs 2 points to 2.59%.

In the European stock markets, the positive trend continues. measure Dax Increases by 1.1%, jackdaw Advanced by 1.3% andPotsey With a modest increase of 0.1%. The pan-European Euro Stokes 50 is up 1.7%.


Procter & Gamble Reported revenue of approximately $ 19.4 billion in the last quarter, and earnings of $ 1.33 per share. Analysts surveying the company expected revenue of $ 18.7 billion and earnings of $ 1.29 per share.


Major European stock indices are climbing at rates of up to 1.2%. Trading in futures contracts on US stock indices is now stable.

Stock nature 4.5% drop in early trading after the company updated on a delay in approving its original drug for patients with schizophrenia: The company reported yesterday (Tuesday) receiving a full reply letter (CRL) from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding the approval request it filed with the partner , MedinCell, for the approval of the drug TV-46000 (Risperidone LAI). This type of letter is received when the FDA can not approve the marketing application in its current form, and ask the company to take various actions to obtain approval.

Tesla Records a slight decline ahead of the publication of its reports tonight after the close of trading.

Stefan Munier, chief investment officer of Swiss bank Lombard Odier, referred in his weekly review to the real estate sector: “More expensive mortgages coupled with rising cost of living will eventually take buyers out of the market and hurt household incomes and savings. “High inflation will make entrepreneurs more expensive and hurt the profitability of entrepreneurs.”

Munia notes that “investors are looking to diversify their portfolio during a period of low interest rates through real estate. Real estate investments are also performing well in inflation cycles. The low supply indicates that we are not expected to see a price drop in the coming year at least. Real estate continues to be an important part of the portfolio and we recommend overweighting exposure to real estate in Europe. We prefer Europe And mainly the trade and logistics sector and the housing sector because a large part of the market is protected from inflation. The prices of residential real estate assets have risen during the epidemic following the limited inventory. “Public real estate companies are trading at a higher discount to their net asset value (NAV) than in the past. This leaves room for opportunity among various sectors in Europe, with offices and trading trading at a 25% discount to NAV, higher than the average of the last 15 years.” .


Positive trend in European stock markets. Major European stock indices are climbing at rates of up to 0.9%.

Trading in futures contracts on US stock market indices is now down by up to 0.5%.

In New York, Netflix Falls by 26% in early trading. The company last night reported earnings that far exceeded expectations and stood at $ 3.53, while expectations were for earnings of $ 2.92 per share. In contrast, analysts did not meet analysts’ forecasts and amounted to $ 7.78 billion, with estimates at $ 7.93 billion. The company reported a loss of 200,000 net subscribers in the first quarter and a contract that will lose about 2 million subscribers in the current quarter.


The day of trading on European stock exchanges opened with a mixed trend, as investors continued to follow news from the war scene in Ukraine.

Credit Suisse shares are down 2.5% after the Swiss bank announced that it expects a loss in the first quarter of 2022 amid a rise in provisions related to legal issues.

Trading in futures contracts on US stock indices is now down by up to 0.7%. The yield on 10-year US government bonds rises to about 2.92%.

In Tokyo, trading closed up 0.9% in the Nikkei index.


Asian stock markets are trading today in a mixed trend. In Tokyo and Hong Kong there are increases of about 0.6% -0.8% and in the stock exchanges in China there are slight decreases after the interest rate there remained unchanged today.

In New York, trading ended in a positive trend last night, after rising in the last half hour of trading: the Nasdaq closed up 2.15%, the S&P 500 was up 1.63%, and the Dow Jones was up 1.45%.

Futures on US stock market indices are now down 0.8%.

Futures on oil are trading up 0.9% and Brent crude, the global benchmark, is up $ 108.1 a barrel after a sharp drop yesterday.

Gold continues to lose height and is trading around $ 1,944 an ounce.

The reporting season in the US continues, and Netflix published its reports for the first quarter of 2022 last night (Tuesday) after the end of trading on Wall Street, and in response the stock crashed by about 25% in late trading. While earnings were expected to be $ 2.92 per share, analysts did not live up to analysts’ forecasts of $ 7.78 billion, with estimates at $ 7.93 billion, a loss of 200,000 net subscribers in the first quarter and a loss of $ 2 million. Subscriptions in the current quarter.

Tesla is expected to report revenue of approximately $ 17.8 billion and earnings of $ 2.26 per share in the first quarter of the year tonight after the close of trading.

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