The VRT’s plans with ‘Thuis’ are “an emotional decision, but important to maintain quality.”

Employees from the ‘Home’ team will keep their jobs, but with a different company. This affects the VRT’s payroll of 70 employees. The initial discussions with outside producers have already taken place. Delaplace says that there is interest and that it will be a reinforcement in the local Flemish or Belgian industry sector.

It is not yet known when ‘Home’ will no longer be produced in-house. “It all depends on how the discussions proceed.” We are disclosing this operation because it is necessary and we want to act promptly. To be clear, there is no problem with the ‘Home’ product; it is still a success,” adds VRT’s CEO.

Participation, investment, and renewal are three words that come to mind while thinking about participation, investment, and renewal

The VRT is now letting go of its showpiece in order to bring ‘Thuis’ up to roughly the same level as the ‘Underfire’ or ‘Undercover’ series, which are currently being produced outside. The public broadcaster, on the other hand, continues to play an active role. “We agreed with an external producer to hold the reins because we want to keep social issues on the agenda,” says the producer. “We will not allow the role of ‘Home’ in our offering to be eroded,” adds Delaplace.

It is notable that outsourcing ‘Thuis’ will not be a cost-cutting strategy in the short term. He emphasizes, “The cost price may remain the same as long as the margin generated by the external manufacturer is reinvested.” To keep the series of excellent quality, there is an urgent need to invest in sets, cameras, lighting, and editing.

A resurgence of ‘Home’ viewers appears to be in the cards as well. This is linked to further spending aimed at limiting the young audience. Is there any chance of a during the summer vacation? It’s unclear where short-form originates from, as it is with competitor ‘Family.’ They are already drawing a younger audience, and the VRT CEO does not want to predict that no one under the age of 60 will be watching any time soon.

Make your own plans

In the future, the in-house production business will not have to focus on fiction. The internal production house’s goal is to concentrate on what sets VRT apart from the competition. “Consider children’s programming, documentaries, and consumer shows. We want to concentrate on expanding the genres. We needed music, humor, and quizzes, and the internal production house can help with that,” Delaplace explains.

“Moreover, it should support the VRT’s entire organization in their multimedia objectives.” We don’t wish to enlist the support of others to start a new podcast series. He says, “The internal production house has a role to play there.”

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