Inderes will redeem Taaler’s remaining stake in the company

Inderes’ Board of Directors has decided to use the authorization received on September 6, 2021 to acquire 50,364 Inderes own shares from Taaler. Following the transaction, Taaler will no longer have ownership of Inderes.

The total purchase price of the shares is EUR 1,218,808.8, or EUR 24.20 per share. The authorization and the repurchase of shares are related to the agreement entered into between Inderes and Taaleri Sijoitus Oy on September 6, 2021, according to which Inderes acquired 49,562 Inderes shares owned by Taaleri in September and also received a unilateral option to repurchase the remaining 50,364 shares.

The arrangement was part of a larger entity implemented in connection with the listing of Inderes, which enabled Inderes to expand its ownership base and Taaler to exit its investment.

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