Kai Mykkänen: Germany’s nuclear decision is a loss for the whole of Europe, but offers the Nordic countries a chance to stand out

Chairman of the Coalition Parliamentary Group Kai Mykkänen urges Finland and Europe to break away from Russian gas and coal. According to Mykkänen, replacing Russian energy in an emission-free and affordable way is a major project of this decade.

“Five nuclear reactors are scheduled to close in Central Europe this year and next. According to calculations published by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in March, continuing to operate these five nuclear power plants could replace Russian natural gas three times more than biogas, which the European Commission has made a top project, ”Mykkänen writes in his blog.

Wind power and solar panels are, in his view, a good framework for the electricity of the future, but within a year the IEA estimates that their capacity will increase by no more than half of what could be replaced by the extension of these decommissioned nuclear power plants.

According to Mykkänen, the commissioning of Olkiluoto’s third reactor falls during the “countdown”, as its capacity replaces electricity imported from Russia. He points out, however, that in the next few years, industry and district heating production will need more electricity.

“Yes, wind power is becoming the most important source of electricity in the Nordic countries. However, being too one-sided in the wind would reduce industrial productivity, as processes would have to be driven up and down too often depending on where the wind is. We also need uniformly efficient emission-free base power, ”Mykkänen writes.

He describes the actions of Germany, which adheres to the closure of nuclear power, as a loss for the whole of Europe and a victory for Russia. According to Mykkänen, this is an opportunity for the Nordic countries.

“The price of electricity is rising, especially in Central Europe. We in the Nordic countries have the opportunity to emerge as an area of ​​affordable clean electricity. ”

Mykkänen would turn the Fennovoima project into a nuclear power project with non-Russian technology and financing.

“It probably requires a grant and a new decision in principle. Finland should demand that the conversion of Fennovoima into a non-Russian project be supported within the framework of the EU’s RePowerEU program on the same basis as LNG terminals being built in Germany at high speed. ”

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