The Government of Serbia has started negotiations with the social partners, employers and representative unions, on the amount of the increase in the minimum wage for 2022, which is received by about 350,000 workers.

The minimum monthly salary in Serbia this year is 30,900 dinars, and the proposal of the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, is to increase it to around 35,000 dinars next year. All employers in Serbia have an obligation to pay employees at least the “minimum”.

Four years ago, the Government of Serbia, employers and unions agreed by consensus at the Social and Economic Council (SES), whose members they are, to increase the value of the minimum wage and to reach the value of the minimum consumer basket in 2021.

Secretary of the Council of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Serbia (SSSS) Zoran Mihajlovic says: “We in the union expect that the agreement from 2017, which was reached by consensus at the SES, will be respected. but since now, according to the Government’s indicators, positive results are being recorded, and that this trend will continue next year, we think that it is the right time for the minimum wage to go up, and thus the average salaries will grow. “

According to Mihajlović, SSSS is asking for the minimum monthly salary to be increased to 39,000 dinars.

“I think that employees in Serbia deserve that average salaries go up drastically, and the reason for that is not only to satisfy 350,000 workers who receive the minimum wage, but we want to keep young people and labor in Serbia. The problem is that we will have to import foreigners who would work in our companies “, added Mihajlović.

The director of the Union of Employers of Serbia, Srdjan Drobnjaković, said that the association of businessmen supports the increase of the minimum wage in the amount of gross domestic product (GDP) growth this year, plus the inflation rate, which is about six percent according to their calculations.

“Our proposal is that in a better situation, when the pandemic passes, the non-taxable part should be equal to the minimum wage, but as that is impossible at the moment, we support the Fiscal Council of Serbia, which said in its first proposal that 18,300 to 26,000 dinars.” said Drobnjakovic.

The Labor Law stipulates that, if the three social partners do not reach an agreement, the final amount of the minimum wage for the next year will be determined by the Government of Serbia, by September 15 of the current year at the latest.

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