The Petrochemical Industries Company revealed the annual plan for supply, contracting and services contracts during the period from April to September 2022, as the company intends to offer 31 contracts during that period.

The list of contracts obtained by «alanba» showed that the company intends to offer a limited exercise in the month of May to study the identification and development of the work of the Supply Operations Department in the Fertilizer Marketing Department, as the contract aims to develop the company’s entire work system related to the activity of supply operations and determine the role of the Operations Department Supplying for each of (polymers, fertilizers, and aromatics), and agreeing on the direction of management with regard to the overlap of supply operations activities with business and the distribution of tasks and responsibilities and the overlap between them.

The contract plan showed that the Chemical Industry intends to offer 3 consulting practices during the coming months of May and June, as the company intends to present a detailed feasibility study for a new project inside Kuwait, and another contract for a technical and commercial study for an investment opportunity, as the contract focuses on an accounting and tax study.

As for the third contract, a technical advisor will be appointed to conduct a technical and commercial study for an investment opportunity.

The company has a huge range of supply contracts, including development and technical support services for the smartphone application, the application of the internal correspondence management system, the renewal and application of the electronic billing system.

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