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The trading day on Wall Street closed with slight gains. The S&P 500 climbed 0.3% to a new high of 4,500 points. The Nasdaq also rose slightly to a new high.

Stock Iron Source Stood out with an increase of about 10%. NICE rose 1.6 percent to a new high. On the other hand, Monday continued to lose ground and fell another 2.5%.


After you have joined Ituran Published results for the second quarter of 2021, Oppenheimer notes that the results were good when the company topped the consensus forecasts in revenue and profit, with annual sales growth of about 27%. The company showed a quarterly increase in the number of subscribers with 24,000 new subscribers, reaching a total subscriber base of 1,812,000, in light of a recovery in the global automotive market. Accelerated, a growing subscriber model and great market potential. ”


The positive trend continues in New York, and the S&P 500 index rises by about 0.3% to a new high of 4,500 points. The Nasdaq also rises slightly to a new high.

Stock Nice Rising 1.7% to new highs. Anvidia Does not stop climbing and adds another 2.2% to its value.


European stock markets have closed in a mixed trend. On Wall Street, stock indices are up slightly.

Significant gains are now recording stocks Iron Source , Faber , Sentinel One, Cyberark , Ormed, Foresight and Unlabux.

The yield on 10.year U.S. government bonds is climbing to 1.33% ahead of the bankers meeting at Jackson Hall this weekend.


A mixed trend with a tendency to rise on Wall Street. Among Israeli stocks, increases in Zim shares are prominent, Ormed , Foresight and CamTech.

NorthSdrum shares are down 17% amid disappointment with reports released by the retail chain.


The trading day on Wall Street opened with a mixed trend. stock Zim , Iron Source, Weeks, Monday And AMC stand out with sharp rises.


Mixed trend in European stock exchanges. Trading on Wall Street is also expected to open today in a mixed trend.

Important macro data will not be released in the US today.


A relatively drowsy trading day was recorded on European stock exchanges, with most indices recording very slight gains – the highest of which in Madrid and Brussels, which are 0.4% higher. The German DAX was down 0.2%.

In trading on futures contracts, only slight increases are recorded. The fashion company Nordstrom Cut to early trading on Wall Street following the publication of its quarterly results. While the company has beaten analysts’ forecasts, it is still at lower levels than 2019, on the eve of the Corona.

In the crypto market, the declines are getting a little stronger, and now Bitcoin is trading at $ 47.4 thousand. Heather also weakened to $ 3,120 per unit. The Ripple and DogeCoin are cut by over 8% each.

In the oil market, the declines recorded at the beginning of the day were erased and now there are slight increases in both types of oil. In the afternoon (17:30 Israel time) the crude oil inventory in the United States will be announced.


A positive lock on the Chinese stock exchanges, with the Shanghai index rising 0.7%, the Shenzhen rising 0.2% and the China 50 index rising similarly. The Hong Kong Hong Kong index, on the other hand, weakened, losing about 0.3%. The Taiwan Stock Exchange rose 1.3%.


European Trade Day opened in a positive direction. The DAX and POTSI indices with modest gains of less than 0.1%, while the French Cac rose 0.2% and the Madrid Stock Exchange 0.3%.

Trading on Wall Street futures also shifted to green territory, with slight gains of up to 0.1% in the top three indices.

In the oil market, the declines have moderated, and now the two types of crude oil are falling by less than 0.1%. WTI oil trades at $ 67.5 a barrel and Brent crude at $ 70.3 a barrel.


The Tokyo Stock Exchange closed relatively stable (a slight decline of only 0.04%), after recording slight declines throughout the morning. In Sydney, trading closed up 0.3%.

Mitsubishi Motors rose 3.3% in Japan, Z Holdings (formerly Yahoo! Japan) rose 2.3%. In Sydney TV and radio company Nine Entertainment fell over 9% after publishing quarterly results.


Trading on Asian stock markets is on a mixed trend. While indices in Tokyo, Shenzhen and Hong Kong weaken slightly, in Shanghai, Sydney, Taiwan, Indonesia and India there are gains.

In Japan, Mitsubishi Motors stands out, which is strengthening by 3%, and more increases are being recorded at JFE Holdings, Nissan, Rakuten and Toyota. In Shanghai, the construction corporation Metallurgical and the mining corporation Aluminum Corp of China stand out, jumping 10% in double.average trading turnover.

In the contract segment, trading is unstable, with slight declines in the Dow Jones and S&P 500, while the contract on the Nasdaq ranges from an increase to a slight decrease.

The oil market is down 0.6%, with WTI oil trading at about $ 67.1 and Brent oil at $ 70 a barrel. This is after several consecutive days of increases, partly due to a decrease in fears of the eruption of corona in China and a fire in a drilling rig in Mexico that hit about a quarter of the daily output in the country.

At 17:30 (Israel time) the crude oil inventory in the US will be published, and its data may affect oil prices. Last week, a decrease of about one million barrels was expected in stock, but in practice there was a decrease of 3.2 million barrels, so the increase in morbidity did not significantly affect consumption. US fuel.

Exchange rates are also declining in the cryptocurrency trading arena. Bitcoin weakened by about 2% and traded for $ 48,000, Heather fell by 3.8% and traded for about $ 3,170.

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