Italy’s culture minister for compulsory booking for tourists in Venice

The Italian Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini welcomes Venice’s plans to introduce compulsory bookings for tourists from the summer. “Systems for regulating access to cities of art are correct. Each individual municipality should decide the best way for itself,” said the minister, according to the Milan daily Corriere della Sera (Sunday edition).

“The congestion of art cities is a real problem in Italy, which existed before the outbreak of the pandemic, is now reappearing and will continue to grow,” said Franceschini, who opened the Venice Art Biennale on Friday.


The city of Venice wants to oblige tourists to reserve their excursion to the old town in advance by the summer. From 2023, visitors should buy a ticket to visit parts that are on the water, such as the historic center, said Venice Tourism Commissioner Simone Venturini. The city wants to announce in the coming weeks when the free online reservation will be necessary. The municipality wants to be able to better plan in advance how many people will be in the city.

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