Turnover of industries is growing.  Istat says so

Industry turnover in June, net of seasonal factors, it starts to increase again, after the slight retreat of the previous month. Istat notes it. Net of seasonal factors, turnover recorded a cyclical increase of 3.1%, resulting from growth in both markets (+ 4.7% in the foreign market and + 2.1% in the domestic market). Corrected for the calendar effects (the working days were 21 as in June 2020), the total turnover grows in trend terms by 28.4% (+ 30.2% on the foreign market and + 27.5% on the domestic market).

“The economic growth – explains the institute in the comment – was favored by a particular one liveliness of sales on international markets: the seasonally adjusted industrial turnover relating to the foreign component recorded a all.time high, rising to the highest levels since the beginning of the time series (January 2000) “. And again:” Net of the calendar effects, all the main groupings of industries show strong trend increases, affected by the comparison with the particularly low level recorded in June last year “.

Good energy

With reference to the main groupings of industries, in June the seasonally adjusted indices of turnover show economic increases for all the main sectors: energy (+ 6.0%), intermediate goods (+ 5.0%), consumer goods (+ 2.6%), capital goods (+ 0.3%).

As regards the indexes corrected for calendar effects referring to the main groupings of industries, there are marked trend increases for all sectors: + 54.3% energy, + 35.4% intermediate goods, +31.0 % capital goods and + 14.1% consumer goods (+26.4 non.durable goods and +11.6 durable goods).

With reference to manufacturing sectorlastly, trend increases are highlighted for all sectors of economic activity, with the exception of the pharmaceutical industry, with an almost zero change (.0.1%).

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