Ship jam in Shanghai: German industry fears serious consequences

Due to a ship jam in the world’s largest container port in Shanghai, German industry is preparing for potentially serious consequences. Industry President Siegfried Russwurm said German press agency (dpa) in Berlin: “German industry fears that production processes will be disrupted in the coming weeks. The sectors most affected are those that depend on the delivery of raw materials or components and the shipping of their finished products by sea transport.”

According to Russwurm, the impending standstill of the world’s largest container port is completely upsetting global container shipping and international supply chains. “Companies and their customers are already feeling the effects of the international logistics turbulence. Transport prices have more than doubled in recent months due to the war in Ukraine and the consequences of Corona. The branches of German companies in China are already working in crisis mode.”

minus 40 percent

Due to an ongoing corona lockdown in Shanghai, there is a traffic jam of cargo ships in the port. According to estimates, the export volume of the world’s largest port has already fallen by around 40 percent.

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