The summer season has filled hotels in Serbia to 70 percent, but hoteliers now lack cooks, waiters, maids, spa workers and various types of masters, so they will have to “import” them, hoteliers told Beta today.

“Agencies have started to appear that are ready to bring workers from abroad because there are no waiters, cooks, maids, various occupations for the spa center and masters on the domestic market,” said the director of the hotel “Akvastar Dunav” in Kladovo, Mileta Adzic.

He said that the corona virus pandemic prevented him from bringing workers from abroad in the last two years, and that he would not open a hotel next year if he could not find them.

Adzic said that a number of them went to Croatia because they “fall for fairy tales about huge tips”, and that he tried to keep them employed by paying salaries even when the season was over, but without success.

He said that employers in Romania also brought workers from Sri Lanka and Nepal, and that “it is already a well-established system there.”

“They are working people, they don’t cost much, and when our holidays and festivals are here, they won’t work for three days, even though the salaries are from 40,000 to 100,000 dinars. We can’t even catch them with a lasso,” said Adzic.

The director of the Majestic Hotel in Belgrade, Dragan Zivkovic, said that it was difficult to find workers to replace those who had retired.

“The labor force is leaving because of the search for higher salaries, and we are trying to keep them by increasing salaries, and we find them through recommendations,” said Zivkovic.

He said that the occupancy of the hotel is about 70 percent and that the guests are mostly from abroad, and that the reservations are mostly day to day.

According to the director of the “M” hotel in Belgrade, Desimir Popovic, workers from domestic hotels went to Croatia, Montenegro and Albania because they are looking for better wages.

“Occupancy of hotel ‘M’ is about 20 percent, but we had work to do with catering for volleyball players due to the European Championship and we need all workers, even though the capacity is not filled, so we gave incentives to keep them,” said Popovic.

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