Alina Kabayeva, rumored to be Putin’s womanfriend and mother of children, again evades Western sanctions – WSJ says worries over close relationship with Putin

According to U.S. officials, Alina Kabayeva would play a role in hiding Putin’s assets outside Russia, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Former olympic gymnast Alina Kabajeva has been associated with the Russian leader for years Vladimir Putin.

Kabayeva, now 39, has long been rumored to be the mistress of Putin, 69, and the mother of at least three of these children. this is Wall Street Journalin (WSJ) also said the U.S. government’s view of the relationship between Kabayeva and Putin, which Putin himself has never acknowledged.

Despite Ukraine’s demands, the West has not imposed economic sanctions on Kabayeva. According to the WSJ, he was excluded from the sanctions lists at the last minute and Kavajeva is not on the sanctions lists of the European Union either.

According to U.S. officials, Kabayeva would play a role in hiding Putin’s assets outside Russia. He is also considered to have benefited financially from his relationship with Putin. Therefore, the sanctions package related to Kabayeva exists and is in place, although it has not yet been adopted.

According to the WSJ, the authorities’ concern about imposing sanctions is that Kabayeva’s relationship with Putin is too close. Possible sanctions could add water to Putin’s war mill and complicate peace talks.

On the other hand, Putin is Financial Times sources said he no longer sees a chance for peace with the sinking of the missile cruiser Moscow. Putin is said to have been so enraged and humiliated by the sinking of Moscow that he has since “refused to sign anything”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke with gymnast Alina Kabayeva at a meeting of the Russian Olympic team in November 2004.

At work week, the EU imposed new sanctions To the loved ones of people close to Putin. Among other things, a Russian oligarch was added to the sanctions list Gennadi Timtšenkon spouse Jelena Timtshenko and Putin’s two daughters Maria Vorontsova36, and Ekaterina Tikhonova35.

Vorontsova and Tikhonova are Putin’s children from her 30-year marriage, which has already ended Ludmila Shrekbnevan with. The couple divorced in 2013.

In practice, sanctions mean the freezing of funds, ie the freezing of the accounts of all individuals or companies subject to sanctions in EU banks. In addition, it is prohibited to give them funds or property directly or indirectly.

In Uzbekistan born Kabayeva won gold at the Athens Olympics in 2004. He also says a gymnastics movement has been named. In 2001, Kabayeva grumbled about doping and was banned from competing for a year, after which she returned to the Games.

Kabajeva has remained out of the public eye since her active career and has lived in Switzerland for a long time. According to WSJ official sources, people at Putin’s inner circle who have arrived by helicopter have also taken care of their affairs at the mansion in Cologny, near Geneva.

Last weekend, Kabayeva was once again rarely in the limelight during a gymnastics exercise in her own name in Moscow. The event is scheduled to take place on Russia’s Victory Day in May.

At an event at the VTB Arena, Kabayeva was seen standing in front of billboards with Z-logos. Russia has used the letter Z as a symbol of the armed forces in Ukraine.

Head coach of the Russian youth gymnastics team Ekaterina Sirotina posted pictures of Kabayeva on her Instagram account over the weekend.

Kabajevan relations with Putin have been rumored for years. In 2008, the small Moskovsky Correspondent reported that Putin would have a relationship with an Olympic-level athlete. A couple of days after the news was published, the magazine was closed for financial reasons.

“I have always hated those who, with their snouts and erotic fantasies, infiltrate the private affairs of others,” Putin responded to the magazine’s claims at the time.

Although Putin silenced the magazine, he was no longer able to cut off the wings from the rumors. Kabayeva has since become known as Russia’s secret first woman.

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