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Negative lock on Wall Street. Leading stock indices fell 0.5% .0.6% at the close.

stock Iron Source , ZIM, Teva, and AMC stood out in sharp declines.


Leading New York equities are down 0.2% .0.3%. The yield on 10.year US government bonds stands at 1.34%.

A October contract for Brent crude is down 0.8 percent to $ 71.6. Gold is trading up slightly.


Slight declines on Wall Street now. In Europe, too, the trading day closed with slight declines.

Retail chain stocks Fresh dollars And General Dollar plummeted after both companies released reports.

Stock Sentinel Van The Israeli stands out with a sharp rise. On the other hand, Zim And Gilat records sharp declines.


A mixed trend on Wall Street. Stock Salesforce Jumps by about 5% against the background of good reports and forecasts published today by the company.

In the crypto trading arena, Bitcoin is down about 3% and is currently trading at around $ 47,300.


The New York trading day opened with a mixed trend following the release of macro data an hour ago.

Significant increases record Redhill and Zoom shares. AMC Records a sharp decline.


Trading on Wall Street is expected to open in a mixed trend. In Europe, there are slight declines.

In the macro arena, it was announced today that the US economy grew at an annual rate of 6.6% in the second quarter of the year, compared to economists expecting growth of 6.7%.

Initial claims for unemployment benefits last week totaled 353,000, similar to expectations.


European stock markets are still on a negative trend, with declines of 0.3% to 0.7% across the continent.

Company Redhill The Israeli jumps over 10% in early trading on Wall Street following its reporting of preliminary results of a new preclinical study, which shows a significant delay in the Covid 19 delta variant by the opaganib drug it developed, and is given to patients through a pill.


The declines in Europe continue, and intensify slightly. Dax is down 0.7%, Potsey and Kak are down 0.4%.

The most notable declines in Europe are recorded by stocks Deutsche Bank , in Iyar , BMW , The airline group and owner of British Airways IAG , The Italian Investa San Paolo and the Spanish Santander Bank.

In the crypto sector, declines are increasing, and now Bitcoin is already falling below $ 47,000. Etherium has lost $ 50 in value since this morning and is trading at $ 3,100.

In the commodities market, there is a decrease of about 1% in crude oil contracts, and gold also weakened by 0.2% and reaches a level of $ 1,786 per ounce.


Declines in Europe have moderated and are now around 0.3% in the Dax and Potsey indices and around 0.1% in the Kak index.

French media giant Vivendi is soaring 4% in high trading volume on the Paris Index, in part after subsidiary Universal Music Group raised its forecasts for the rest of the year. In London, the shares of banks and investment houses stand out.

Trading on Wall Street futures has moved to a mixed trend, with a slight increase in trading on Dow Jones contracts.


European stock markets opened this morning in a negative trend, with 0.7% declines in the Potassium and Kak indices and 0.9% in the German DAX.

In London leading the stock declines HSBC , Rolls Royce, Vodafone and IAG Aviation Group. In Frankfurt Deutsche Bank Prominent with a decrease of 1.9%, and also Adidas, BMW and Bayer record declines of more than 1%.


The Nikkei closed higher, following a volatile trading day. In Sydney, trading closed down 0.6%.

The decline of Mitsubishi Motors moderated towards the end of trading and finally stood at 1.1%. In Sydney, the large A2 Milk dairy stands out, plunging over 12% after publishing disappointing reports.

Hong Kong and China continue to have a negative trend, most notably AAC Technologies, which dives above 12% in Hong Kong after publishing quarterly reports.


IceCure Medical , Which is developing technology to destroy benign and cancerous tumors in minimally invasive treatment by freezing them, has announced that its shares have been approved for listing on NASDAQ, and will begin trading for the first time with the opening of trading today under the ICCM symbol.


Trading in Asia is taking place this morning in a mostly negative trend. The Shanghai index is down 0.5%, Shenzhen is down 1.2% and Hong Kong is down 1.5%. The China 50 index was cut by 2%. In Tokyo, trading is relatively stable, ranging from ups and downs.

Mitsubishi Motors is cut by about 2% in Tokyo, Nissan by 1.2%. In Hong Kong Shiomi loses 3.7% in the highest trading volume in the index and above its average.

The contracts are also experiencing moderate declines. The contract for the Nasdaq is down 0.2%, the S&P 500 is down 0.1%, while the contract for the Dow Jones is down only slightly. Today at 3:30 PM (Israel time) quarterly GDP data will be published as well as requirements Initial unemployment benefits for the previous week.

In the crypto segment, there are very slight declines compared to yesterday, and most of the large currencies are still at a higher level than they were a week ago. Bitcoin is around $ 48,000 (weekly increase of 8.5%), Ether around $ 3,150 (increase of 5.8%). The DogeCoin, on the other hand, has already lost investor interest and dropped to 27 cents, 4.6% less than the rate it recorded a week ago.

In the commodity market, there are also price declines. WTI crude oil contracts shed 0.8%, to $ 67.8 a barrel. Brent crude fell 0.6 percent to $ 70.8 a barrel. Gold also weakened slightly and traded at $ 1,789 an ounce.

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