10 keys on aid to retirees and informal workers

When it corresponds, when you can stay out, who has to register and who will get paid automatically. Until when there is time and how to do. Last Thursday the pre-registration began, next Friday the formal registration begins and then the interested parties must also sign an affidavit. Clarín prepared a guide with everything you need to know about salary reinforcement.

On April 18, President Alberto Fernández and Economy Minister Martín Guzmán announced the payment of two bonuses, one of $18,000 for social monotributistas, monotributistas of categories A and B, informal workers and employees of private homes, and another of $ 12,000 for some retirees and pensioners.

It is worth clarifying that for the $12,000 salary booster retirees and pensioners to whom it corresponds they will not have to do anything, the amount will enter automatically along with the retirement received in May. It is for those who charge up to two minimum wages (ie $ 77,260).

The Government will begin to advance in the coming weeks with the project to tax unexpected income, an initiative promoted by Martín Guzmán, which is expected to be financed the new IFE of up to $18,000. It will be by capturing the extraordinary profits of the benefited companies for the war in Ukraine with results of more than $1,000 million annually.

Where is the procedure performed

The procedure can be done through the ANSeS website: www.anses.gob.ar or in person at the delegations authorized for that from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Due to the large amount of demand to register, the ANSeS website has some drawbacks and, therefore, from the agency they recommend insisting several times doing F5 and try after office hours, that is, then from 15.

Step by step to do everything correctly

Registration is divided into two steps. From April 21 to 28, you must update the data of the future beneficiary and from 28 you can complete your registration.

Enrollment in Income Boost It is enabled every day, 24 hours.

1. Enter my ANSeS to start the registration. The entrance is with the CUIL and Key of the Social Security.

2. If you still don’t have a Social Security Code or you don’t remember it, you need to create one. From the organism they recommend to put an easy key to remember. To know the CUIL you have to enter here.

3.Once you enter my ANSeS, complete your contact information. I chose the Income Reinforcement option and followed the steps to complete or update your contact information (address, telephone and email). If your information is incomplete or incorrect, you can change it on the spot.

In the event that your CUIL appears as not accredited, you will have to go to an office without a shift.

4. End the registration for Income Reinforcement as of 04/28 If you have already updated your contact information, re-enter my ANSeS as of 04/28 with your CUIL and Social Security Code.

What information must be uploaded in the pre-registration for the $18,000 bonus

Prior to registration, which begins on Thursday, April 28, those interested must enter ANSeS to update or upload their data. The agency asks for the following:

  • name and surname
  • date of birth
  • sex that appears on the ID
  • document number and CUIL
  • nationality
  • domiciolio
  • province and town
  • sex that appears on the ID
  • civil status
  • phone and email
  • Single Bank Account (CBU)

How the registration concludes

Finally, you will have to choose the Income Reinforcement option, complete the affidavit and validate or upload a CBU, where you will receive the Income Boost of $18,000. If you don’t have a bank account in your name, we share all the information you need to process it.

It is very important that you know that to access the Income Reinforcement, you must have a CBU in your name.

Those interested in collecting the $18,000 bonus have time until May 7 inclusive.

When the interested party will be able to know if they will be able to collect the bonus

Starting Thursday, May 5.

Until when can an interested party register?

Until Saturday May 7th.

What is the date of payment of the bonus

The first installment of the bond will begin to be paid from Thursday, May 19.

What is the socio-economic evaluation to which those registered for the voucher are subjected?

To access this “salary reinforcement” the people who register will have to pass a socioeconomic evaluation and the crosscheck of information available between ANSES and other organizations such as AFIP. This is to prevent the bonus from being collected by people of good economic position.

With the crossing of information, the body headed by Fernanda Raverta is going to evaluate: real estate registration, automobile registration, the movement of debit and credit cards, and health coverage, among others.

What things can keep you out of the $ 18,000 bonus

  • The income to which the person requesting the reinforcement would have accessed must be less than two minimum wages ($ 77,880), in the average of the last six months.
  • Not be the owner of more than one home, not be attached to a prepaid medical service, not be the owner of two or more cars or one less than a year old, not have a plane or boat in your name.
  • If you are a foreigner, you must have at least two years of residence in the country.

Can more than one member of the cohabiting family group request the $18,000 bonus?

This income booster it is individual, not family. This means that they can request it -if they meet the other requirements- one or both members of a marriage in case both are workers without formal income or unemployed. In that case, however, the evaluations of both will cross.

They can also sign up informal and unemployed workers over 18 years of age. In these cases, for young people between the ages of 18 and 24, the socio-economic evaluation will be carried out on them and also on their parents.

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