Sharp declines in New York: NASDAQ loses 3%, Tesla cuts 9%

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Sharp declines in New York: The Nasdaq is down 3.1%, the Dow is down 1.4% and the S&P 500 is down 1.8%.

Against the background of the declines, investors are worried about the consequences of the spread of the corona in China. Tesla, which has a plant in Shanghai and China is a key market for it, is losing 9.4% at the bottom of the NASDAQ.


Macro USA: The consumer confidence index fell slightly to 107.3 points in April, compared with 107.6 in March. The assessment of the current situation dropped to 152.6 points, compared to 153.8 in the previous month, but expectations for the future rose to 77.2 compared to 76.6.

The declines in Wall Street are deepening: the Nasdaq is down 2.5%, the Dow is down 1% and the S&P 500 is down 1.5%.

At the bottom of the Nasdaq Tesla cuts more than 7% and Zoom drops 5.8%, at the bottom of the Dow Nike, Boeing and Salesforce lose about 3%, Disney and 3M retreat about 2.5%.

Dwarf Basket went through declines in a particularly large cycle after the jump recorded following FDA approval. Among Israelis, Zim adds 1.5%, and Scholar Biogenix jumps 4.5%.


New York Trading Day opened in a negative trend: the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 0.8%, the Nasdaq was down 0.7% and the S&P 500 was down 0.6%.

The 10-year US government bond yield continues to weaken, falling another eight basis points to 2.74%.

In the commodity arena Brent oil rose 1.5% to about $ 104 a barrel, WTI oil adds 1.4% 1.4% and touches $ 100 a barrel. Gold is up 0.6% and is trading around $ 1,907 an ounce.

Dwarf Basket jumps 12% in opening after receiving FDA approval for cell therapy in patients with lymphomas.


Macro USA: House prices soared in February at an annual rate of 19.8%, compared with a 19.1% rise in January, according to the Case Schiller index. This is the third increase in height in the 35 years of the index. The index of the 10 largest cities rose by 18.6%, compared with 17.3% in the previous month, and the index of the 20 largest cities jumped by 20.2%, compared with 18.9% in January. At the top, Phoenix Arizona with an increase of 32.9%, and two cities in Florida: Tampa and Miami, where prices jumped by 32.6% and 29.7%, respectively.


Trading in Europe continues to be in a positive trend with gains of about 1% in most indices. On the other hand, futures on Wall Street are still trading down 0.4%.

Dwarf Basket The Israeli jumps more than 30% in early trade after receiving FDA approval for cell therapy in patients with lymphomas. Has announced that it is progressing towards the start of a Phase 1/2 study in patients with follicular and diffuse B-cell lymphomas.

PepsiCo Reported adjusted earnings of $ 1.29 per share, about 7 cents above analysts’ expectations. Revenue also exceeded expectations and totaled $ 16.2 billion, compared to the $ 15.5 billion forecast.


Company Redcom , A provider of solutions for monitoring and examining traffic in communications networks, has won a multi-year contract to provide its RADCOM ACE solutions to a cellular communications company in Europe for fifth generation (5G) services. The scope of the contract was not disclosed. Eyal Harari, CEO of Redcom, said: “5G networks are very dynamic and require real-time analytics, in order to quickly identify and solve problems that affect consumers. Our advanced cloud technology will help provide critical insights that will enable the launch of new 5G services. This contract is an important recognition of our market leadership. ”


Rises in Europe are getting stronger. The German Dax index is up 1.2%, the French Kak is up 1.6% and the British Pottery is up 0.9%. The pan-European Euro Stokes 50 is up 1%, the Stokes 600 is up 0.9%.

On Wall Street, futures continue to fall 0.3 percent, along with weakening U.S. government bond yields. The 10-year bond yield drops by 4 points to 2.78%.

The commodity market is relatively stable, with crude oil prices falling by 0.1% -0.3%. Gold rose 0.4 percent to $ 1,905 an ounce. In crypto – Bitcoin climbs 4.6% to $ 40.4 thousand. The DogeCoin continues the positive momentum that began last night, with the approval of the sale of Twitter to Alon Musk, and jumps by about 30% to a rate of 16 cents per coin.


Trading in Europe continues to be in a positive trend, with the main stock exchanges on the continent rising by 0.4% -0.8%. Deutsche Bank Rises 1% in Frankfurt, Henkel by 2.8% and Siemens by 0.5%. In London Barclays is up 2%, Lloyds up 2.6% HSBC Decreases by 2% after reports.

The share of the shipping giant Marsh Jumps about 6% in Copenhagen after publishing preliminary results for the first quarter of the year. The company reported revenue of $ 19.3 billion, compared to market forecasts of $ 18.6 billion, and EBITDA of $ 9.2 billion (compared to expectations of $ 8.1 billion).

In the US, there is a decline of about 0.3% in the contracts of the three major indices, and bond yields are also weakening. The yield on the 10-year bond drops to 2.81% and the two-year bond yield has retreated to 2.61%.

Trading in Hong Kong ended when the index Hang Seng Increased by 0.2%. Significant declines were recorded for Novo, HSBC, China Merchant Bank as well as CNOOC and PetroChina. On the other hand, there were increases in the electric vehicle manufacturer Gili, the group of restaurants in the Idleau, as well as in the technology giants Alibaba, Mitwan and Tencent.


A green opening in the European stock markets, with the DAX up 0.9%, Kak up 0.4% and Potsey up 0.8%. The pan-European Euro Stokes 50 climbs 0.8% and Russia is also trading positive: the MOEX index is up 0.6% and the RTSI index is up 1.6%.

measure Nike In Tokyo it closed up 0.4% while in China the negative trend and index continued Shanghai , Which fell 5% yesterday, fell another 1.4%. In Hong Kong – where trade still takes place – there has been a moderate increase of about 0.5%.

In the US bond market yields are stable, while futures are down 0.1% -0.2%.

In the commodity market, crude oil prices climb at a moderate rate of up to 0.5%, with Brent trading around $ 102.9 a barrel and WTI trading at $ 98.8 a barrel. Gold rose 0.3 percent to $ 1,903 an ounce.


The Swiss bank UBS reported this morning a profit of about $ 2.14 billion in the first quarter of the year, compared to analysts’ expectations for a profit of about $ 1.8 billion.


Trade in Asia is on a positive trend this morning, with the Nikkei index in Tokyo rising by 0.8% and the Hong Kong index rising by 1.9%.

Trading in futures contracts on US stock market indices shows slight increases.

In New York last night, the leading indices recorded gains of up to 1.3% in the lead of high-tech stocks. This is at the end of a volatile day that opens with declines.

The yield on 10-year US government bonds fell by about 8 basis points to a level of 2.82% and now rises to about 2.85%.

In the commodity trading arena crude oil prices are rising after a sharp decline of about 3% yesterday. Brent crude, the global benchmark, is trading at around $ 103.4 a barrel after falling below $ 100 yesterday during trading. The gold price is up 0.4% after a sharp drop yesterday and contracts are trading around $ 1,904 an ounce.

Also in the crypto market the trend is positive and Bitcoin is trading around $ 40,600 and Etherium is rising slightly and trading around $ 3,000. Fidelity Finance Group has announced that it will allow long-term savers to put Bitcoin into their pension accounts.

The reporting season continues and today and in the coming days will publish huge tech reports, including Google and Microsoft (today after the end of trading), Meta (Facebook) tomorrow and on Thursday Apple, Intel and Amazon.

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