The 12th festival of culture, humor and entertainment, the popular “Nusicijada”, started today in Ivanjica.
The event was opened by the Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Tatjana Matić, emphasizing that, although Branislav Nušić was born in Belgrade, “Nušićijada was born in Ivanjica”, the relevant ministry announced.

“The uniqueness and significance of the manifestation of the international response, such as the Nusicijada, is reflected primarily in the long tradition of nurturing the memory of Branislav Nusic and his unsurpassed deeds,” Matic said.

She also stated that the uniqueness and significance of the Nusicijada is reflected in the efforts of the local community, which, as she pointed out, “has been dedicatedly and proudly developing the festival for years and presenting its national and cultural identity.“

“I wish you a successful festival and enjoyment of the holiday of humor and merriment,” Matic said.

She pointed out that the Ivanjica region is “a tourist jewel of Serbia and a pioneer in rural tourism”.

She added that the Ivanjica region was also recognized by UNESCO, which included Mount Golija in the only natural biosphere reserve in Serbia.

“Aware of the natural, but also cultural.historical values ​​of this area, the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications strives to improve the quality of the tourist and cultural offer of this region,” she said.

Matic specified that in the period from 2015 to 2021, “34,180,000 dinars were invested for various infrastructure and projects of promotion, manifestation and education”.

Upon arrival at the “Nusicijada”, Matic visited the checkpoint set up at the entrance to Ivanjica, where vaccination certificates, PCR or antigenic tests for the corona virus are checked.

Visitors to the NUšićijada can also be tested at the nearby Health Center.

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