STOCK EXCHANGE: Incap’s result received a rude reception – Telia and Huhtamaki awarded for exceeding forecasts

The Helsinki Stock Exchange ended the season with a plus of 11224.49 points on Wednesday.

The steel company reached the sharpest rise SSAB (+ 6.2%), which recovered after declining on Tuesday despite strong results, and the medical technology company Nexstim (+ 6.2%), which published an update on its success at the beginning of the year.

CEO of Nexstim Mikko Karvinen According to the company, after the strongest year ever, business has continued at a record positive pace in the first quarter of 2022. Earnings figures have not yet been received from the company.

Telia (5,8 %), Huhtamaki (+ 5.2%) and Nokia tires (+ 4.5%) was rewarded with better results than analysts expected. Also forestry companies Great Enso (+ 5.1%) and UPM-Kymmene (+ 4.9%) were in strong spirits.

Nokian Tires, which struggled with its Russia risk, issued new guidelines in which it estimates that both net sales and the combined operating profit of the segments will decrease significantly from last year. The old instructions were revoked at the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

Kone (+ 0.0%) remained close to Tuesday’s closing price after reporting strong order intake but weakened profitability. It was a lot too Valmetin (+ 0.8%) and Konecranes (-1.4%) in the results.

Among the earners, the sharpest price reaction was seen in the electronics contract manufacturer Incapilta (-11.1%). The company’s revenue grew strongly and exceeded forecasts. As for the result, forecasts were reached but there was no overrun, and the operating profit margin weakened.

The manufacturer of electric car chargers also fell by more than ten percent Kempower (-11,4 %).

Tokmanni (-9.7%) and Fortum (-2.2%) reported bad news on the stock exchange closed on Tuesday. Tokmanni reduced its guidance for the current year, citing, among other things, the weakening of customers’ purchasing power.

Fortum’s subsidiary faced the challenges of the Russian gas business Uniperin to issue a profit warning for January-March.

The busiest reporting date for the earnings period is tomorrow, with less than 30 companies reporting their results, inclusive Nokia (-0.9%) and Nordea (+2,4 %).

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