Among the many emissaries of the Lifrando food ordering service in the city of Leipzig, as revealed by the local and international media, in recent months has also been the former Minister of Communications of Afghanistan – Said Ahmad Shah Sadat. “He used to ride in limousines, but now he is pedaling with an orange suit through the streets of Leipzig,” the Bild wrote, revealing the big change in the life of the former minister, who left his divided country in December and began a new life in Germany.

Sadat, 50, served as communications minister in the Afghan government until about two years ago. He left his post on his own initiative. About a year ago he decided to start a new life in the West. Because he has a British passport, he said, he could have settled in Germany even before Britain’s withdrawal regulations from the EU affected the issue of residency. He says he chose Germany because “it has a more promising future in communications and“

But the choice involved a change in living standards: he now lives in a rented apartment in Leipzig, which costs 400 euros per meter, learns German every morning from noon to noon, then wears the food courier company uniform, including a box on his back, and provides invitations to city residents. He earns about 15 euros an hour. The German media, which reported the story extensively in the wake of tens of thousands’ attempts to flee Afghanistan after the Taliban took over, showed pictures of him in cabinet meetings with President Ashraf Ghani (who fled Afghanistan to the UAE) and alternatively – on the streets of Leipzig.

“I feel safe here,” he told Bild, “I’m not richer anymore, but I enjoy my job and I have enough money to survive.” Sadat studied electrical engineering at Oxford University in the UK, where his family immigrated when he was young, and after his return to Afghanistan was appointed to the senior position by Ghani. The newspaper reported that Sadat also complained about corruption cases in the Afghan government and was also at the center of an investigation, which according to the newspaper had no significant basis, around corruption. “The circle closest to Gani has been preparing for the past two years to flee the country,” it read.

Sadat’s plans are to study German at a high enough level to find a job, then look for a job in technology and communications. “Knowing German is the key here,” he said. He called on the Western world, as well as Germany, to take care of the masses of Afghans seeking to escape Taliban rule. The number of Afghans entering Germany in the past year has risen, even before Kabul fell to the Taliban about two weeks ago.

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