A ‘pixelated’ image of a blockchain certified human face was sold by Sotherby’s in New York for $ 11.7 million, making it the second most expensive digital item in history.

The Nft (acronym for ‘non fungible token’) CryptoPunk 7523 belongs to a series launched by startup americana Larva Labs, one of the companies that has pushed the most to the development of these digital goods that have their value in their uniqueness and inviolability of the contract signed by the buyer.

The peculiarity of this work is that the little man represented is blue, he wears a brown hat, an earring and his face is covered with a mask.

Each image in the series represents a pixelated face, a bit like the faces in the first video games that came into circulation.

NFTs have exploded with the growth of the cryptocurrency market over the past six months because blockchain technology guarantees ownership of the work.

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