Commissioner: The two – year pandemic and the war in Ukraine have drastically changed the labor market

The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković, assessed today that the two-year pandemic of the crown virus and the new crisis due to the war in Ukraine drastically changed the labor market, jeopardized the survival of entire industries and endangered many jobs around the world.

According to the statement of her office, after the end of the three-day training for economic empowerment of women in the countryside, Janković pointed out that regardless of all difficulties, the rights to decent work and equality must be respected.According to her, a quarter of the complaints last year were related to discrimination in the field of labor and employment, stating that she sees it as a positive thing and the willingness of citizens to report discrimination, as well as another sign that it is necessary to improve the legal framework.

When it comes to improving the position of women in rural areas, Jankovic stressed that acquiring new knowledge and skills is most important for achieving economic independence, as a basic condition for improving the quality of life and reducing the risk of discrimination and gender-based violence.

The commissioner pointed out that training for digital marketing and better marketing of products, as well as education of women from rural areas in the field of ecology and sustainable development will create a new development opportunity for them and open the space of sustainable, green agriculture on small farms.

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