The Center Party warns of the expansion of the war in Ukraine – Compare the events in Moldova with the shots in Mainila

Member of the Center Elsi Katainen warns of the escalation of Russia’s large-scale war in Ukraine.

“The war in Ukraine is spreading to Moldova and Transnistria, where Russia has already spread chaos. History repeats itself, and the explosions in Moldova ring in the echoes of Mainila’s shots, ”he writes in his New Finland Speech blog.

A grenade launcher hit an empty administration building in Transnistria, Moldova, on Monday. The grenade launcher was later identified as a Russian-made RPG-27 Tavolga anti-tank weapon.

According to the Moldovan authorities, the aim of the attack is to increase tensions in the region.

Katainen demands that the EU immediately cut off energy imports from Russia.

“Russia hit hard on the sanctions table by cutting off the gas taps in Poland and Bulgaria. The EU must act immediately and cut off Russia’s energy imports, including gas and oil. Unfortunately, Germany still hangs on to Russia’s fossil energy and is not ready for a strict sanctions front alongside other member states. “

Katainen warns that Russia has also increased its influence on information in Finland.

“It is already circulating in the country that Finland is being described as a fascist state. The head must be kept cold and propaganda must not be provoked, because that is what Russia is trying to achieve. When Finland applies for NATO membership, preparations must be made for a stronger influence on both Finland and NATO countries. So far, however, Russia’s efforts to break up Europe have had the opposite effect. “

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