What will be the next step in the confrontation between the two richest people in the world?

Since the announcement Elon Musk will acquire the Twitter Fully owned for $ 44 billion (and will turn it into a private company), the tycoon managed to tweet on his new social network that he hopes even his toughest critics will stay on Twitter, and his eyes were immediately turned to Bezos.

Bezos even preceded in a tweet that echoes a claim that because of Tesla’s dependence on China, the real winner of the Musk-Twitter deal is the Beijing administration. “Did the Chinese government get a crane on the town square?” Wrote Bezos who about two hours later clarified: “The more likely result is complexity on Tesla and not censorship on Twitter, but we will see, good musk in navigating such complexity.”

This saga is just another chapter in the ongoing and public rivalry between the two richest people in the world. They have been tweeting against each other and being interviewed about it in the media for 15 years. The fact that they both show interest in space and media companies shows how much they both pursue the same thing: succeed, and do it at full volume.

More than the richest people in the world

Most of the friction between the two is attributed to their space business, but the most famous competition between them in recent years is for first place on the list of the richest in the world. In 2017, Bezos won the title and held it until 2021. But then, in January of that year, Musk overtook it after Tesla shares reached an all-time high. According to Forbes data, Musk now occupies first place with $ 240 billion and Jeff Bezos in second place with $ 164 billion.

In 1997, Bezos put Amazon up for issuance when it was still “only” a retail company only. Three years later he founded the company Blue Origin (which focuses on human spaceflight) following his dream of settling millions of people in space. In the same period, Musk sold two companies (Zip2 and PayPal) for a total of $ 1.8 billion, a sum that was the basis for the establishment of SpaceX, which operates space launch services and manufactures cargo and manned spacecraft.

Over the years there have been several points of friction between the two: In 2004, Musk told Christian Davenport in his book “The Space Barons” that he and Bezos met for dinner to discuss their aspirations to reuse launched rockets. Musk claimed he tried to advise Bezos, but the other decided to ignore.

In 2013, SpaceX attempted to make exclusive use of NASA’s launch pad. Bezos revolted and filed a formal appeal to the U.S. administration to prevent the agreement from being formulated. Musk claimed that Bezos has no real reason to block it, since Blue Origin does not have a reliable spacecraft and added a sting: If Bezos’ company manages to reach the launch pad with the necessary equipment, SpaceX will be happy to provide it with the necessary launch needs. Musk won this battle and more.

Even a year later the two got into a fight between their space companies. Musk has reportedly sought to repeal Blue Origin’s patent definition on rocket accelerator ships in order not to pay for the use of this technology. The judge sided with SpaceX CEO who claimed it was a tool based on old technologies and Bezos’ company was forced to withdraw most of the points in the patent.

The silent boss in front of making the headlines

There are also personal aspects to this old rivalry. Bezos is characterized by a “customer first” approach, while Musk is characterized by an almost opposite “technology comes first” approach. While Bezos will take care of the needs of the market first and foremost, Musk will think about where the market is going and the future developments it needs.

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is the eccentric troll who will tweet about his next development long before it takes shape to attract investors and customers. Bezos, on the other hand, prefers to keep the cards up his sleeve so as not to be exposed to competitors. Launched Blue Origin under the radar.

The conflict between the two stands out mainly due to its publicity on Twitter. Musk claimed in tweets that Bezos was trying to steal talent from SpaceX. In other tweets, Musk called Bezos an “imitation” – once after Amazon announced its plan to launch Internet satellites (similar to another SpaceX venture) and once again when Amazon acquired the autonomous taxi company, Zoox.

Bezos, on the other hand, does not often attack Musk in public, but does comment quite a bit on his plans, and also takes legal action. In 2021 Bezos also managed to pick up a small victory. The two space companies were asked to submit designs for a lunar landing vehicle for NASA’s plan and a year later, the US space agency announced that SpaceX had won the contractor’s contract. Temporarily work on the agreement.

Bezos also knew how to pargan to Musk when he needed to: After an unsuccessful attempt to launch SpaceX’s starship, which led to the rocket explosion, Bezos wrote on Instagram that “anyone who knows how difficult this material is is impressed by today’s experiment.”

Musk’s acquisition of Twitter this week caused a stir around the world, but Bezos took a similar step almost a decade ago. The founder of Amazon bought the Washington Post for $ 250 million, claiming that its holding contributes to American democracy and that journalistic independence will be maintained. Although Musk has acquired a social network and not a journalistic product, it is difficult to ignore the thread that connects these deals: Musk and Bezos agree that a foothold in the media is worth a lot.

The next step in the ongoing struggle

Professor Anat Elon-Beck, a lecturer in US law and specializing in corporate governance, high-tech and venture capital funds, estimates that the confrontation between Musk and Bezos will continue mainly in space, but not only: Space domain. This is why he focuses on China in particular (regarding the tweet about the meaning of buying Twitter). In space there is big money and control. We will probably see the continuation of the debate there. ”

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