The government has increased quotas for wheat and wheat flour exports

At today’s session, the Government of Serbia adopted an amendment to the decision on temporary restriction of exports of basic agricultural and food products important for the population, which enables an increase in quotas for exports of wheat to 220,000 tons and wheat flour to 23,000 tons per month.“This decision was made considering that the supply of the domestic market with these products is stable, and having in mind that, the analysis of stocks, it was determined that the market surplus is higher than the quota for May, so it is necessary to free storage space for new crops.” , ie products “, reads the statement of the Government of Serbia.

At the session, the amended Decree on the distribution of incentives in agriculture and rural development in 2022 was adopted, on the basis of which the payment of milk premiums for an additional five dinars for the first quarter of the current year is enabled.

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