It’s not inconceivable that Joe Biden’s televised appearance on the press last Thursday was the most failed of any American president ever. Indeed, it is the language of sailing that must raise eyebrows. But she’s not coming out of nowhere. I watched hundreds of such parties. In unity I also got up to ask questions.

Biden spoke on the day ISIS eliminated 13 U.S. troops at Kabul airport. Although Donald Trump has the rights to the process that led to the collapse of Afghanistan, the last few weeks in this process belong to Biden. The American, wrote last weekend: “Biden has expressed extreme confidence in the correctness of his decisions since July. Our country could have had more confidence in him, if he had less confidence in himself. “

Almost everything the president has said about Afghanistan since early July has been repeated. In July, he ordered a sudden, overnight evacuation of the huge air base in Gram, near Kabul. The Americans did not even inform their Afghan counterparts that they were leaving. The local Afghan commander found an empty base when he woke up in the morning.

12 American Marines killed in a terrorist attack in Kabul last week / Photo: Associated Press

The army was doomed to disintegration

We now know almost without a doubt that the evacuation in Gram decided the fate of the US Afghan project. He left the local air force without the ability to maintain his planes, or launch them.

The Afghans may have had to be able to support themselves, but they were not able to, certainly not overnight, because thousands of American citizens would be strengthened for them for years. The president had to know that their release would leave the Afghan government without an air umbrella. In the absence of such an umbrella, the government army was doomed to disintegration.

“transparency”? What transparency?

Given all this, the move to leave Afghanistan was not the result of a sober calculation. It was the result of breaking the tools. The president is broken from Afghanistan, so come on, get out, and let Afghanistan go to hell. He and his men do boast now of his “transparency,” and taste that, unlike his predecessor, he tells his countrymen things as they are.

But he did not say things as they were, when he repeatedly spoke of the Afghan army’s ability to wage a hair.raising war, even five days before the fall of Kabul. Was it just a rhetorical exercise, to justify the exit? Maybe. But if he thought he was “transparent,” he and his people had better ask poignant questions about the quality of intelligence the National Security Adviser had put on the president’s desk morning after morning.

The Washington Post wrote on Sunday that in June, US intelligence estimated that the Afghan government could last another six months. In August, a few days before the fall of Kabul, the assessment in the intelligence community was that the Taliban would not threaten Kabul before the fall.

On Friday afternoon, 48 hours or less before the fall of Kabul, the White House was emptied. Its employees, from the president down, dispersed to their first summer vacation. The president himself went to Camp David, in nearby Maryland. At the official resort, he turns on his own to a long table, his eyes fixed on the screen.None of his advisers sat in the White House.Everyone was on a conference call.

He did not know at first how to react to the collapse, on August 15. He declared, for example, that chaos was inevitable. Not exactly a proven means of strengthening public trust. But he continued to praise himself for daring to end the 20.year war. This is a war of four presidents, he declared, “and I will not bequeath it to the fifth president.“

Even after the fall of Kabul, the president and his men insisted that the goals of the war had already been achieved. Finally, Afghanistan has ceased to be a shipping base for international terrorism. But ten days after the fall of Kabul, international terrorism struck again in the United States, on the land of Kabul.

The events of Thursday after the attack therefore completed the picture of failure. No one can seriously claim that the task of displacing international terrorism from Afghanistan has gone well.

American Marine with an Afghan baby at Kabul Airport, Saturday / Photo: Associated Press, Staff Sgt.  Victor Mancilla

American Marine with an Afghan baby at Kabul Airport, Saturday / Photo: Associated Press, Staff Sgt. Victor Mancilla

On the verge of losing his temper

The president’s appearance at his televised press conference mercilessly revealed everything the media consultants and ashtrays are trying to hide. Joe Biden is old and tired. He looks especially bad when he is particularly tired; Especially bad when he is particularly sad and frustrated and helpless.

In the final moments of the press conference the president was close to losing his temper when he insisted on presenting a question to a hostile journalist. When the journalist ignored his wish, the president bowed his head to the podium until for a few seconds only his scalp was visible on the screen.

A leaf through the front pages of dozens of US newspapers (in the online gallery of reveals that they treated the president with silk covers. Only a tiny handful posted the picture of the bowed head. (Really.)

Ian Bremmer, an experienced observer of American and international politics who heads Eurasia Group, an economic forecasting and analysis firm in Washington, D.C., says: “Skill and empathy are the two qualities that voters preferred to Biden over Trump. – That is why the impact on the internal political arena may be long.term. “

Such remarks now emerge from many snoring and worried throats in the Democratic Party. A party boss in an important state in Georgia, who is also a discharged soldier, is quoted as saying: “I do not necessarily disagree with his policy – I am concerned about the implementation.“

The successes and failures of others

Criticism of execution on a number of issues, not just Afghanistan, has reached its peak in recent weeks. The question of direct guilt is not important. Presidents are judged on successes or failures during their presidency, even if they had other fathers. Biden demanded credit for vaccines and a dizzying drop in corona infections; It is now reaping the fruits of the dizzying rise in infections and hospitalizations. It is demanding credit for economic prosperity, but only last weekend did it become clear that inflation in the last 12 months has approached 5%, more than twice as much as the central bank had hoped. His government lost control of the immigrant movement on the Mexican border.

August is coming to an end, both in Kabul and in Washington, and Democrats will remember it as a month of heavy disasters. During the month the impression grew stronger that the Democrats would lose their slim majority in the House of Representatives in November 2022; It is likely that the Senate will also lose to them.

They fear that during August they were labeled a failure. The president’s administration that has promised to “put the government back in the hands of the elderly,” after Trump’s four years off the rails, is the one that now gives the impression that there are not enough adults at the helm.

By the way, one option is an exchange of personalities. The idea of ​​replacing the Secretary of State and the National Security Adviser is thrown into the air. But Biden is famous for his loyalty to his aides. This loyalty can cost him dearly.

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