Workers of the “Fiat Plastic” factory, who will return to work tomorrow after the collective vacation, will continue the strike from Wednesday, September 1, since their demands have not been fulfilled even after more than six months of work suspension, the Independent Trade Union announced.

As Betty was told in the Independent Trade Union in that factory, the strike will continue on Wednesday, when, after the collective vacation, the production in the sister company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia (FCA) will continue.

Fiat Plastic workers started the strike due to the reduction of salaries, with the request that their recourse be returned to the level from before January 2021, and that the paid leave be paid 65 percent instead of 60.

The Independent Trade Union says that not only were the demands of the “Plastika” workers not met, but they also expanded due to multiple violations of the law by the employer, to which the state institutions “mostly remained silent”.

They add that, respecting the laws and procedures, the union tried by all legitimate means to fight for workers ‘rights, but encountered “misunderstanding, arrogance, disrespect for the law and workers’ rights.”

According to the union, the support of the general public and the state was lacking, which “proved powerless in the face of the arbitrariness of a major foreign investor”, starting from the competent inspection, through the city administration, to the highest state bodies such as ministries and the Serbian government.

“As we have exhausted all the possibilities prescribed by law and used all legitimate channels of communication, without results, we wonder what is left for us. Should we block railways and roads or cut body parts, since we have seen that this seems to be the only effective form of union fighting in Serbia? “, the union announced.

They called on the representatives of the Government to call them, who, as they say, despite all the promises, have been ignoring them lately, and those are the Minister of Labor Darija Kisić-Tepavčević and the Prime Minister Ana Brnabić.

“We remind you that FCA Serbia reduced the salaries of workers in the middle of the pandemic, without an acceptable justification, although other components did not do that, although they have the same level of employment,” the union said.

The statement added that Fiat reacted to the workers’ dissatisfaction by moving part of the production from Plastika to another factory (FCA) and, in the middle of the strike, in order to intimidate, artificially created a potential technological surplus.

“It is an unheard of violation of the Labor Law and a demonstration of disrespect for our people and our country. Some workers were left on permanent forced leave, with a salary slightly higher than the minimum, in loans and without a job, as punishment for not wanting to keep quiet. to breaking the law and to injustice “, they assessed in the union.

They called on the state to “finally get smart” and prevent the creation of a pattern of abuse by large foreign investors, which, as they say in the union, “has already taken off and which can have far-reaching consequences.”

“As for further steps, in addition to the continuation of the strike, the cost of which Fiat is shifting to the state of Serbia, we are considering the formation of a broader labor movement, because more and more people come to us who think they can present their problems to the general public. the case with those FCA Serbia workers who are not satisfied with their union, and do not have the opportunity to join ours, which is the result of another of Fiat’s procedural acrobatics, “the union announced.

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