The director of the Tourist Organization of Zlatibor, Vladimir Zivanovic, said today that there are about 25,000 guests on that mountain and that such a visit will certainly be maintained until the end of August, and that the guests are delighted with the new look of the lake.

“Zlatibor justified the title of the most visited mountain in Serbia this summer as well, during the summer months it was full of tourists, up to 25,000 tourists a day still stay on the mountain, and such traffic will certainly remain until the end of August,” said Zivanovic.

During September, guests, according to Zivanovic, can expect the same quality and meaningful stay as during July and August, because all localities in the area will be open to visitors, all facilities such as amusement parks, adrenaline tours will be available, while travel agencies will organize excursions that can be visited throughout Western Serbia.

Although the “Zlatibor Cultural Summer”, according to him, officially ends at the end of August, during September, theater performances and cinema screenings will be organized in the Cultural Center.

The gallery of that center, as he said, will be available to all interested tourists and a new exhibition will be set up every month.

Zivanovic said that this season the reconstructed Royal Square shone with new splendor, which, thanks to the large investments of the municipality of Cajetina, got a completely new look, and that many tourists were greeted this summer by a lake filled with completely clean spring water, with two large decorative sprinklers and other facilities that adorn this mountain pearl. “A wooden protective fence has been set up around the lake, which fits in best with the entire mountain ambience, and visitors to Zlatibor are now enjoying, resting on benches arranged along the shore. Decorative lighting in the shape of a starry sky has been installed along the renovated riverbed. the changes in color and effects during the evening especially emphasize the beauty of the lake, “said Zivanovic.

He pointed out that the unusual side sprinklers, which gave the lake a special charm, are very attractive for photography, so they are a recognizable motif on all social networks.

As he said, young people are racing to post a better photo of Zlatibor Lake on Facebook or Instagram, and that is why the crowds on the oval extension near the lake dam have become an everyday occurrence because impatient visitors are waiting in line to take photos and make an unforgettable memory from Zlatibor.

The plan, as he said, is to arrange the promenade from King’s Square and the Zlatibor market to the “Tornik” hotel.

“Thus, a large part of Zlatibor will be connected by a pedestrian zone, visitors will be able to walk along the promenade from a small circular square at the beginning of the promenade, across the square, to the hotel ‘Tornik’, and then continue to the path to the monument on Šumatni brdo, which is one from the most beautiful locations on Zlatibor “, said Zivanovic.

This year, according to him, tourists enjoyed the rich program of the “Zlatibor Cultural Summer” and touring the surrounding sites, Stopića cave, inn waterfall, Cowboy town, Museum “Old Village” in Sirogojno, and the greatest interest was still driving the Zlatibor gondola –

“From the panoramic ride from the center of Zlatibor to the top of Tornik, tourists bring the most beautiful impressions. Even those who have already ridden the gondola during the winter and spring months return to repeat the adventure enjoying the summer landscapes of Zlatibor,” said Zivanovic.

He added that many tourists this summer were attracted by adrenaline activities such as quad rides, zip lines, riding schools, and those who were not ready for such a challenge could indulge in walks to the surrounding lookouts.

He said that the swimming pools in the vicinity of Zlatibor, the swimming pools in Golovo and Gostilje, “Zlatiborska jezera”, Jokino vrelo and Boškova voda attracted great interest.

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