STOCK EXCHANGE: Opening in Helsinki – Profit Announcer Oma Säästöpankki on the rise

U.S. stock markets ended a sharp decline last week, and Asian stock markets opened the decline on Monday. The most anticipated event of the week is at the US Federal Reserve interest rate meeting. The Fed’s interest rate decision will be received on Wednesday. Now the market expects a one-time increase of up to half a percentage point in the key interest rate.

In Helsinki, the stock exchange’s OMXH general index opened the day in a half-percent decline.

The majority of the most traded shares were declining. Stora Enson, Qt Groupin and Keskon the prices of the more traded B share were clearly green.

At the exchange tip Nordean the share was 0.1 percent and The liquid the share fell 1.1 percent.

Rising as Nordea’s Chairman of the Board in the autumn Stephen Hester bought more than half a million Nordea shares on Friday. CEO of Nordea Frank Vang-Jensen also bought Nordea shares for approximately EUR 144,000.

The Savings Bank’s own result tasted good to investors

The only announcer of the day My Savings Bank was at the top of the stock market at 3.8 percent in the morning. For the first time, the bank’s share price was over EUR 20, EUR 20.30.

The company grew strongly, supported by the Eurajoki Savings Bank acquisition in December. Comparable profit before taxes even doubled from EUR 10.0 million to EUR 20.0 million.

Electronics contract manufacturer Incapine the share price started the day at 14.10 euros. Friday’s closing price was EUR 68.70.

The drastic change is explained by a share split in which shareholders receive four new shares per old one. As the number of shares increased fivefold, the share price also fell to about one-fifth. The neutral share price after Split would be EUR 13.74 compared to Friday’s closing price. The seemingly sharp change in the price on the stock exchange is therefore purely technical and split-related.

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